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Judge Kinne's ame will go npon the official ballot in spite of the mistake made by the republicans iu calliug the convention too late to comply with the law governiug such inatters. The law is very plain that the uames of all candidates símil be certified "not less tban 20 days prior" to dection. Mr. Cavanaugh, the democratie candidate for judge, when seeu in relatiou to the matter stated that iieither he nor his friends desired Judge Kinne's name to be lef t off the ticket, as he was clearly the choice of the republican party and he did not wish to be chosen to fill any office unless the people saw flt to freely give him a. majority of their votes. He did not thiuk the people who desired to vote for his opponent should be put. to any extra trouble in recording their vote, through a mistake of the judicial committee in not complying with the law. The law in the case is very plain arid if conaplied with the ouly name for circuit judge on the ballot would be that of Martin J. Cavauaugh. The fact calis to mind how much more careful democratie poltiicans are to observe the election laws than are the republicans. There has never been any question here of their strict compliance with the law goveruiug the certificatioü and preparation of tickets. One of the editors of this paper took afour bonrs uight ride ■ one night in pitch darkness to set a sigaature to a new certification, becanse soine very slight error had been made in the form and from this point to which he weut, another man contiuued the rest of the ride to get the certificatiou completed and filed within the time specified by law. It has been said by thee respousible iu a measure for the iufraction of the law that the provisión is directory only and not mandatory This has never, however, been so held by the eourts. The law itself is as clear and emphatic as it conld be made. The decisión of the democrats. however, not to take advantage of auy technicalities is to be commeLded. Aud the more especally in this so as it augers the running oí' a clean ent campaign ou both sides with uo appeals to prejndice and none of the cheap political tricks which niight well disgrace a judicial campagn.