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Alumni Club House

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If preseut plans are successful a club house costing $30,000 wiil be built on tlíe nuiversity campas as a permanent home for the office of the akiinni association and a club honse for the entertainment of visitiug alumui. The plan is to have it open at all times for the use of the resident alumni as well as the visiting alninni. The movement is iu charge of James H. Preutis. the secretary of the Almuni Associatiou and it could uot be in more capable hands. Mr. Prentis has beeu receiving subscriptions from local and faculty members of the alumui aud has already about $4,500 subscribed. All subsciptious are contingent upou the whole amonnt of $30,000 being snbscribed. His idea is to get between $5,000 and $6,000 subscribed in Ann Arbor and with that as a starter he thinks that he will be able to raise the balance of the amonnt needed ontside. The club house would do much towards making it pleasant for thevisiting almni and so tie theni closer to their alma mater and would consequently aid in advancing the interests of the university in which we are all deeply interes ted. A plan is also being submitted to the alumni of the university whereby with a subscription of $5 for seven years from a large uumber of them, a permanent endowmeut rnay be secured to maintain a paid secretary of the alumni association. The plan was started on an eastern trip to the secretary and has taken well, 100 subscripfcious for $35 each payable in the seven years being obtained on that trip and since then a large number of other subscriptions have been obtaiued. This plan contemplates making the subscribers permanent members of the association and doing away with tbe $1 aunual dues by which the association is now supporteu. The present system, while realizing snfficient to keep a paid secretary, requires too much labor and so detracts from the efficiency of his other and really more important work. The endowmeut plan is received with a most universal favor. The university has done much for the alumni. The alumni eau do much :'or the university.