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Michigan Department, of .State, i Lansing-. Jan. 30, 18!)!). To the Sheriff of the eounty of Washtenaw: Sii - Vou are hereby notiffed that at the general eleotton tu be held in thie state, on the lirst Monday-iu April next, the foilowing oflicors are to beeleeteu1, viz.: A .lustice of the Supreme Court in place ot CUaudtus il. Grant, whose term of otïiee expires December 31. 1899; also two Regenta ol the Üuiversity of Michigan, in place of Peter N. Cook and Eli K. Sutton, whose terais of oflice expire Deccmber31, 189!). Also. a Olroult Judge for the twenty-secoud Judicial Circuit, to which your county is attoched, io place of EdwardD. Kinne, whose term ol office vvill expire December 31, 1889. In testiniouy wliereof, 1 havo heren nto set my haud, and affixed the Great Seal of the .state of Michigan, at Laneing, the, day and year first above written. J. S. STEARNS, Beoretary of State. Oflice oí the Sheriff of Washtenaw county, i nu Arbor, March 10. f To theelectors of the coun'y of Washtenaw: You are hereby notiftcd that at the general eleetion tq be held in .this state, on the first Monday af April next, the followinjf ofHcers are to be elected, viz.: A Justice of the Supreme Court in place of Claudius B. Gram, whose term of office ex pires December 31, 1899; also two Uegents of t hc ruivereity of Michigan, in place of Peter N Cook aud Eli K. Sutton, wboso terms of office expire December , 'il, 1899. Also. a Circuit Judgc for the Twenty-eecond Judicial Circuí', to which Washtenaw county )s attached, iu place of Edward D. Kiane, whose term of ornee wlll expire December 31, 1889. JOHN GILLEN, Sheriff of Washteoaw oounty, Mloh, Vou are hereby notified that at the sreiieral eleetion, to be held in this state oatueiirst Monday of April iiext, i here will be submitted to the people the propositions to amecid the conal hut ion of I üis state: [. An amendment to Sectlon Slx of Article Six, relative to i liroult Couxts. II. An amendment to Section Tvveutytwo, Article Four, relative to furnlshlnsr su'pplies andto the estab.ishment in theCity of Laneing ol' a printing oflice owned by the state III. To aroend Seotions one, Bve, elg-ht, ten, twelve, fóurteen, Uiteen, uineteen and (wenty of Article Six, relative to the .judicial department. I V. To amend Section Forty-nlne of Article Four. relative to the layinji out, construction, Improvement and roaliitenance of hljfQways, bridges and culverts by counties aip! townshlps. This uotioe is given pursuant to noticr lssued by Socretary of State, underChapters ü and IU of Howell's Annotated Statu tes. Dated. Ann Ai-bor, Marcb 20. 18!)!). Sheriff of Washtenaw Conuty.