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Hon. M. J. Cavanaugh

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The above is a a good likeness of Martin J. Cavanaugh, the democratic nominee for circuit judge in this county, as ttiaight, honest and nprigbt a youngman as there is in Wasthenaw eom,ty. He is close to the people and it elected wil} do jnstice as uear as lies in his power to all persons coming before him. ■ The nomination f r jödsre was forced npon him and conseqnently he is entitled to extra effoits on the pare ( f his pariy iu his behalf. No one can say aughi agaiust his character and none ran truthfully against his ability. He has workedd his way to the veiy front ranks oí (he lega] professiou in this county and now enjoya as large a practice as any lawyer iu the city. No one who votes for Martin J. Cavanaugh next Monday wil] ever regret having so voted. He possesses the ïaentality and tbe restless energy which force growth md continnous progress. His professional career is vet largely before him rather than behind hinj. He looks to the fnture rather than ibe past. The senith uf his oareer is yet to be reaohed. He is not resting on his past record. 3nch a man is .nre ro be more progressive, aggressive, studions, eamest and 'xpeditious than one whose record is largely made np. This accounts for the istonishiug snecesses altained by maiiy yonug men in every line of eft'ort. Mr. Davanangh is in the .very prime of physial and inteJleotnal manhood. He has i broud and liberal general edacation coupled with sterling natural gifts. He .8 a close student of affairs as well as his professiou. His moral integrity is luqnestioned. He is houtsr. His of ïight anri jastice is stro'ugly narkecl. He is always ready to listen to advice but he makés up is own judgnent. If he is elected to the judgesbip liis decisious wiil bt jufluenced by bis sense oi right aloue. He wil] be elected if demócrata vote their ticket. He las a tfglat to cxpeci tiiis mnch of the party svhich iusisted upon his running.