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Whether it is wise or otherwise, Michigan is pretty strongly committed to the two term idea in political offices. That there is much force in the idea cannot be denied. There are also same objections, but the reasons for this limitation are certainly strong! The tendancy generally is for officials with life tenure or a long term to get out of touch with the people. Their sphere of activity and thought and associations are so widely different from those of the common people that such officials get out of sympathy with the masses. They live in a largely different world. Their plain of life is so different that it becomesextremey difficult for them to give proper weight to those things which go to make up the rights of those in so widely seperated a scale of existence. In no office within the gift of the p.eople s this true in a larger degree perhaps than in the iudiciary, The tenure is always a long one that the office ruay be as little affected as possible by the kaleidescope of politics. This is no doubt wise. But two terms upon the circuit bench, extending over a period of twelve years, is long enough. Experience of course is valuable, but the tendencies above mentioned more than outweigh this. Then, experience must be acquired. No man has t when he fïrst goes upon the bench And with as many men with larg knowledge of the law, scholarship wide general infortnation and hig character, as are to be found amon the practitioners at the bar, it is i no sense necessary to elévate any man to the bench term after term There is danger in it. The court must be brought nearer the peopl and much can be accomplished in this direction by changing judges a not so infrequent intervals.' In making these changes, prope qualihcations are the tirst requisite in a candidate. Given these, the people will generally guard their interests best by declining to elévate a man to the bench fora third term. Judges are elected upon part) tickets. No one should be misled by the statement that the office of circuit judge is not a political office That is simply to gain votes for th other candidate. The democrats of this judicial district have a candidate for circuit judge who is in all way qualified and he should receive tht f U 11 Dartv vote. F.snpriallv cinrp 1-w has been forced to make the run for the sake of the party against his wili and because his opponent is a candidate for a third term. Democrats should support with their ballots the theory of govern ment in which theybelieve. Republican success is always due to their close adherence to this principie. If democrats do this there is no question as to the result of the com ing election in this judicial district