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Constitutional Amendments

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At the coming election April jrd, voters will be called upon to express their wishes upon several proposed amendments to the constitution. There are four of these anaendments as follows: . i.GivingJthelegislature power to provide forthe laying out. construction, improvement and maintenance of highways, bridges and culveru by cóunties and townships; to au thorize cóunties to take charge am control of any highways within theii liraits for such purposes; and modi fy, change or abolish the powerj and duties of township commissioners and overseers of highways. This proposed amendment is to Sectioi, Forty-nine of Article Foar of the constitution. The amendment als provides that the tax raised in any one year for the above named pui poses shall not exceed two dollar on each one thousand dollars of val uation. lt likewïse confers author ity upon the legislature to prescribe the powers and duties of boards of supervisors relative to highways, bridges and culverts, and to provide for one or more county road comtnissioners to be elected or appointd with such powers and duties as may be prescribed by law. 2. The second proposed amendment is to Section Six of Article Six f the constitution relating to ctr uit courts. It siznply confers au hority upon thé Iegislature to pro ide for the election of more than n.e circuit judge in the judicial cir cuit in which the county of St.Claii is or may be situated. This is thought to be necessary because of the large atnount of business in that circuit, more than one judge can attend to. 3. The third amendment includes amendments to Sections Five, Eight, Twelve, Fourteen, Fifteen, Nineteén and Twenty of Article Six of the constitution relative to the judicial department. It confers upon the Iegislature the power to establish a so called intermediate court, and prescribe its jurisdiction and powers. The object of this is to relie'e the supreme court of a portion of its burden and thereby expediate justice. It is claimed that the supreme court has more work than it can perform causing long delay many times in taking up tant cases. With the help of the proposed intermedíate court business would be expedited and the supreme court given more time to study exhaustively the cases which come bef ore it. 4. The fourth amendment is to Section Twenty-two Article Four, of theconstitution and provides for the establishment at Lansing of a state printing and binding establishment in which all the state printing shall be done. At the present time the state printing is let to the lowest responsible bidder and is done under contract by private parties. The Argus gives the substance of these four proposed amendments hoping it may aid in making clear to voters just what is desired to be accomplished thereby.