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kuwnrd ]. Le (iendro. The iirst of the Democratie noniinees Tor regent of tlie State Dulversfty, waè boni February.19. 1861, :it Ludington. iiason eounty, and ;is lus name incllcatës, is of .Frencli extraetioñ. lie first entered the State üniversity at Aim Arbor in tho f.ill of 1888, bnt owinjr to lack o ïneans it was öot uiilil 1S!I4 that )u raduated froni thê law dèpartmeni He flrst lopatëd at Scottvillc in llasoi Cóuuly for tli( iiiacl ci of liis profes sion. and three nionOis aftëv openjnj his ortiee was made the nonilnee o the Democratie .party of the county foi pros-eeuliiiir attornoy. Tlie is lisually 800 RepiibJlcan, bilt Mr. Le Cendro was defeatëd only by 3(X votes. In L393 Mr. Le Gemiré moved to Calumet and entered into a law partnership with J. Larson. tht present proseeiiting attorney ofHoughtoa comity. Mr. e iemlre was the 'lominee of his party for prosocuting attorney of Houghton county at the eleetion in 1890, and so liighly did the electors esteem him as a citizen that ie ran i.ouo anead f hls ticket. He is a staunch junporter of the partj platform of ISitf;, ;i hiilliaiit speaker au exomplnry citizcu.' and the alumn or Michigan" great seat of learning may rest assiirecl the interests of thai institution will te well servod in the evont of Uis elwtioii as recent. Stanley E. Parkill, of Owosso. was born in Bennington township, Shlawassee county, aud moved to Owosso wlien a lad. He atteudsd the high school, grad.uating from the Uniyersity of ilichigan in tlie pliarinaey departnaent In 1SK lw was engaged as traveling salesman for the old firm of Farrand. Williams Co. Three yeai-s later iré !eft the road, returned to O-.vo.sso and engaged ' in ' the drug hnsincss. for twö yeárs secretary of the State Pharmaceutieál association. and aftevwards it9 president, was appointed a niernher of the State Board of Pharmaey by Gov. Luce in 1887 and reappointed by Gov. Uicli in 1.S9S.; w-ps for two years the soci'etary of the board and aíso served :is its treasurer and president Ho is in present n member of rlic board of public works. of Owosso. Pai'kill was a. Repnblican n politics, but refused tr follow Hip party 11 its ebange of base on the eurrency queslion and voted Mr. Bryan in 1H!);. He was a candidato lor the regonc-.v of the Univcfsity on t)u Uniou-Silver ticket iwo yen is ïo nud was seeretary of the Silvor Rfipublicari eonvention at Kny City in 1800. and ehairman of the ltcpublicüii convention at (rand Rapids Iasr year. Pingree has signed the Atkinson taxation iill and it ha? beeomè a law. ns far as ts lifihts to nppear upon tl)c st.itutos go. bnt t is not y.t effective. JiuIro Grant and the balance of the Corporation supreme eourt wlU now take a tnru at it and if it survives the ordeajl we wlll miss our guess. In fact, it ■ wqultl bo praeticaHy impossible to' frarae in anti-oorpomtion law which the eorporation comt c.-umot declare mi'-onsf ilnliona). AcconJing to tho pnblished Michigan reports. the record of Judge Claudius B. Grant, who asks for a re-election to the snprome court stands as follows1 DEC1SIONS FOK OOR-POUATIONs' 168; DECISTONS FOR TUK PEOPLK, 1!(.