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In The Probate Court

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George H. Fond, admimstrator of the estáte of John Slatford, deceased, flled bis final account today. The estáte to De distributed amounts to $2,000. The heirs at law are Cornelias H. Butler, Jane C. Bird, Rosa S. Marshall, of Jefferson Mills, Forseyth county, Ohio, and Abbis H. Kerr, of Ann Arbor. In the state of Lncy Maria Comstock, deceasert, Lelea Belle Goodrich was appointed administratrix. The will of James Walters, of Augusta, has been filed He bequeaths the use during life of all bis property to his wife Amy B. Walters. One year after her death his son Richard F. is to receive f200 and David $250. His son-in-law Heury Champion is to receive all his crops, live tock, tools and utensils. The residue of the estáte, subject to the specific bequests, is to go to his danghter Ina Champion.