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"Peace Hath Her Victories cN tes renowned tfian uar, ' ' said MÜton, and ncnv, ín the Spring, ís the time to get a peaceful victory over the impurities ivhich have been accumulating ín the blood during Winter s hearty eating. The banner of peace ís borne aloft by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It briugs rest and comfort to the weary budy racked by pains of all sorts and kinds. lts beneficial effects prove it to bc ihegreat epecific to be relied upon for victory. Hood's nerer disappoints. ScrofUla - " Running scrofula sores maiJe me shunned by neighbors. Medical troatment failed. A relative urged rae to try Hood'a Sarsaparilla. Did so and in few months the sores completely healed." Mas. J. M. Hatch, Etna, N. H. Catarttl- " Disagreeable catarrhal droppings in my throat made nie nervous and dizzy. My liver was torpid. Hood's Sar■aparilla corrected both troubles. My health is very good." Mrs. Elvika. J. fijiTLET, 171 Main St., Auburn, Maine. Tumors- "A tumor as big as a large marble came under my tongue and instead ol letting my physician opérate on it, I used iny favorite spring tonic, Hood's Sarsaparilla. The bunch soon disappeared." Mes. H. M. Cobubn, 8 Union St., Lowell, Mass. diOüuA&WUapaJUuq Hood'i Pilis cnre llver Hit, the non-irritating and cmly cathart'lc to tke wlth Hood's Siirmparllla. F. J. Biermann, DEALER IN Ammüijiiion Fishing Tackle The I. A. W. Repair Shop. BICYCLE ENAMELING, ETC. 113 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor Real Etsate For Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN COÜNTY OF Wasbtenaw, ss. In the matter of the estáte of Charles Binder, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuanee ot an order granted to the undersigned Administrator of the Estáte of said deceased by the Hon. Judge of Probate fortbe Couoty ofWashtenaw.on the 18th day of February A.D. 1899, there will do sold at Public Vendue, to th nighestbidder, at the east front door of the Court Houee.City of Ann Arbor in the County of Washtenaw in sftid State onWednegday.the 19th day of April A. D. 1899 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of öiat day (ubject to all encumbranees by mort gage or otberwise existing at the time of the deatb of said deeeased) the following described real esiate, to-wit: Oommenclns at the south east corner of lot fmir (4) in block nuinber two C) south of Huron etreet in raag:e number three (3) east running thence north along the. west line of an alley running north and South through said block eignty eiht feet theriee west twpnty leet thence south parallel with flrst line eiyhty eight feet to Liberty Street thence eat on the north line of Liberty street twenty feit to place of beginFinp: Also the right andprivilegeof a private alley to be nsed and occupied jointly with the owners joining êftid alley on the south eide feaW alley described ás follows viz: - Being nne feet off the. north side of the. south twenty two feet of lót number three (3) in Mock two (2) south of Huron etreet in ranjre three (3i east and running fröm Seoond street lnrw Asbley street) on the west to the alley m theeast and extending aeross the entire leaeth of said lot three (3) . ALBERT MANN, Aministrator of the estáte of Charles Slnder, dexjased. ■ ... ' Mpaö In? X lady who purchaaed a piano from neat Christmas time said: "I carne near buying a piano somewhere else because vou never oame to talk piano tO 8." This shows that we miss many eale by not having agents out to worrythe people bnt agents caDnot live o air, and an average expense conected therewith of at least $25.00 on each piano, goes to the benefit of the eostomer who will take the trouble to come to our store at 114 W. Liberty st., Aan Arbor. ## The Schaeberle ...flusic Store AUGUST G. KOCH, DEALEK IN Stapte aijd Fancy Groceries ftesi Fnilts and Vegetables in Season, NEW SAUERKRAUT, Pbone 324 New State. 206 EAST WASHINGTON STREET. hairRbalsami BpKJW rVATiw;g nd benaüfiea the hAÍt-I ■y4Jr JIV' -ii. ■!...■ k niurjiit prolh. ■ SEBI Hair to ita Yonthful Color. I