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A LONG fflT WANT. It is Supplied iu Aun Arbor at L,ast. It is hard to always be pleasant Good nalured peoplc are ofton irritable lí you knew the reason yon n-ould nor be surprised. Ever have Itchingr Piles? jotsick enouRh to o to bed or not well enough to be content. Hothing will annoy you so. The constant itching sensation. Hard to bear, harder to get reliof. Keeps you a wake nights, Spoils your temper uearly drives you crazy. Jsn't relief and cure a long feit want? It is to be bad íor everyone in Doan's Ointment. Doan's Ointment never fails tocure Itching Piles, Eczema or auy itching of the skin. Mere is prooi of it in the teotimony of a citizen. Mr. C. C. Church, of 520 S. Seventli sireet, says: "I have no hesitatiou in recommendiiiK JUoan's Ointment very liiglily to anyoue requiring a healiug and soothing preparation. I sufEered for years froni itching hembrrhoids and altliough I tried everytliing I could hear of nothing gave me my relief and nt times the trouble was very severe. My attentlon was called to Doan's Ointment and I got a box of it at Eberbach & Son's drug store. The íirst application gave me relief from the irritation and in a short time I was ompletely eured of the trouble. Mrs. Church has been a sufferer for years írom kidney trouble in a severe form And though she used many remedies and was to a eertain extent relieved sbe never had anything do her the amount of good that Doan's Kidney Filis did. After trying all the most prominent remedies for the kidneys, she can unhesitatingly give Doan's Kidney Pilis the preference.'; For sale by all dealers- price 50 cents Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buftalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name, Doan's, and take no other. BUTTER COLOR By the Ounce or Gallon. THE BEST TIIAT'S MADE On YOUB MONEY RETURNED. Mann's Drug Store, 213 S. Main St, ANN ARBOR, - MICHIGAN. GO.TO : : : S j MANLY'S i 1 CONFECTIONERY ANü GAFE Foreign and Domestie Fruits, 3 Fine Confeetioneries, íl Ice Cream, Cigars, Tobáceos. M Y Fine Meáis, 25 Cents 0 i8 f i I Open Day and Nigiit. 8 'I O Uili fiAÜSi) fflUfftlílüño O X 114 E. Hurón St. ' ! L Telcphone, New State 346. ( C. H. St. CLAÍR, SECOND HAND GOODS. Goods of all descriptions bought and sold. Furniture and Stoves Repaired. ,ío9-3ii N. Fourth Ave. - Ann Arbor. Enoch Dieterle, Funeral Director. So. 116 E. Liberty St. Residence. 533 S. 4th Ave. Phonel29. ANN ARBOR. MICH Estáte of Chnstiana Heinzman. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTV OF ö Washteuaw, SS. At a sossion of the Probate Court for theCounty or Washtenaw, holden at the Probate üflico In the City of Ana Arbor, on Wodnosday, the 8th day of March, in the year one thousand eig-ht hundred ■'. ii) ninety-nine. Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Ohrlstiana Heinzman, deceased. Ou readinp and fllinpr the petition, duly venfle], of Minnie Eayer, praying that the Hdmiuistration of said estáte may be granted lo Honry J. Matin or sorae other suitable perThereupon it is ordered that Wodnedday, the 5th day of April next, at 10 o'elock in the forenoon, be assined for the hearing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of said Iw.eased and all other persons interested in said estáte are required to appear at a session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and how canse if any there be, why the prayer "f the petitioner should not be granted. And it is f urtner oidered that said petitioner give aotice to the persous interested in said state, of the pendeney of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by oauslng a copy of thw order tobe published in the Ann Arbor ArgusUeraocrat, a nowspaper printed and circulated ■n Raid county throe sucoessive weoks previene to said day of hearinar. H. WIRT NBWKIRK. Judge of Probate. LA truecopy.] P. J. Lkhman Probate Kesister.