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The Troth About Catarrh

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Deputy U. S. Marstal Witliam T. Harness of Ohio, wriles to Dr. Hartman. m MULTITUDES H HB Inen ar cursed with catarrh. The disI ■l disease g-ets hokl and eüngb; it baffles I a mU A I a local treatment; it penetrates to everjr j fl organ of the body. It is consumption! Itis H Vfc m I gastritis! lts ñames are legión. ïhe man XBV I I vvithoatarrh of the stomach, cominonly called Qflm , I indigestión, knows what is. His BF eneiny is always with him; it haunts him at X a ie table! follows him when he lies down xJIIn. éÊn " Relief " jseagerly sought and paid fof ' ' Jtn'uJ, in suffering1, William T. Harness, Deputy ÍÁwfÁ _ti-. 4 L'nited ftatps Marshal Southern District of - JwlM "Pn -'' is completely cured of catarrh ol rfi" (fbi 7x tlle head and stomach by Dr. Hartman's yy'C' íjft treatment. . Mr. Harness, whose pieture is yy%0Z0 iiM-Wt' V' : P'ipted here, is one of the best P%sll jÊ$È s " kn0wnanirn0St'P0Puiariemocrat3 jjyyy%0i. - ÍKvuvwi? - n outern Ohio, his popularity %y?%E2ÍK -ÜkwOW-.' x beíng fully demonstrated by his ti ffillL- ÉSmÈL. élection for three successive terms "ÍMÍlUÉÍl1Ilfek. i t. to office in the republican county {liiil''''lPBffl of Washington. ' He was appointed U ifW T imWÊVÊv Deputy United States Marshal dur'1 Jm'ëh intheadministration of President v yM&y ' Cleveland, and his record in that ï V sr office has been an enviable one. Office of United States Marshal, Southern District of Omo, Cincinnati, O., Sept. 6, 1897. Dr. Hartman, Pres. Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus, O. Deab Sir: - It affords me mucli pleasure to bear testimony to the wortn of your medicines, Pe-ru-na and Man-a-lin. I have been troubled with catarrh of the head and stomach; I have used many of the best known and most widely advertised medicines but found no permanent relief. About one year ago I began to take your Pe-ru-na and I am pleased to say that I now consider myself completely cured of catarrh. I was also troubled with indigestión, and nave used your Man-a-lin for four jnonths, but have no trouble f rom that source any Yours truly, Wiixiam T. IIarnesb.