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A Late Judson Scheme

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Thff Argus has been infonned on svliat it supposes to be good autbority that Arthur J. Kitnon has been promised the city treasurersnip in return tor the support of the Judson ticket by bis Eriends. Of course the authenticity of the report canuot be tested by askiug the parties to the reported deal as snch political moves to be effective at all ;aunot be made in public. But the tory was submitted to eeitaiu republiïans who we tbought to be in a position to know somethiug about the matter lud while they refused to commit themscjlves as to their knowledge, said that the story at least bore marks of probability and so it is here given as wie of the minors of the carnpaign. Tbe story is that Judsdu had Mr. Kitson approached with the promise of the oity treasnrersbip in case Reinhardt aud tbe repnblicau city ticket were aleeted. that Kitson consulted with two or threo of his friends and v;as advised that no dependence could ue placed on Jndsou's promises that either Judson or iiis emissary thereupon took Kitson to see Mr. Reiuhaidt and that the bargain was there ratified. One of Judsou's most promiubnt lieutenants was approached this afterüoon with the informatiou that the Argus bad the story as given above. A look of either surprise or consternation overspread his face and he burst out with "Who in told them?" A municipal club man, when asked as to the probabilities of the story stated that it was just like Jndson, who is a particularly smooth, oily, politician, full of resources and that it was iii keeping with his character to cast aronnd for some deal by which he could get the support of the Sixtn ward veters . for the Judson tiskèt. The municipal club member called attention to he fact that Mr. Kitson was the ouly man to vote against making Judge Harriman's nomination unanimous and that his strongest friend in 1hs ward, Mr. Prettymau,, was very vehement in striving to prevent the uomination of a municipal ticket wbich might pull votes away from the republican ticket. In fact our municipal fiieud was rathei of the opinión that Mr. Judson was eudeavoring to engineer a scheme by which the Sixth ward vote mighc be delivered to the Judson element.