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Court House Afire

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Tbe conrt house was ssaved from destructiori by fire Monday eveuing by the prompt actiou of Walter L. Seabolt, democratie caudidate for president of the council. Mr. Seabolt was passing the court house on Hurou st. at 10 o'clock last evening when he noticed a blaze of, fire through the front door of the court house. He promptly rnshed up the court house steps and found that oue of tlie large paper cuspidors so liberally scattered aboct the corridors of the court house was ou fire aud biaiug nearly to the ceilinp. The ïarge woeden post at the foot of the stairs ieacling to the secoud floor, against which the ouspidor had been placed, was also ou fire. Mr. Seabolt kicked the cuspidor out the door and dowii the stone steps and with the help of Williain Gerstoer applied water to the post aud extiaguished the flaraes thtro, After the fire was out, J. E. Harkins suddeuly appeared upon the scène froiu Judge Newkirk's office. Judge Kiuue was in bis offleo in the upper story at the tiiue and had the fire not beeu discovered in time would liave been obliged to have made iiis exit from thé oatside of the building or rnu the ganutlett of a blazing stairway. ïhe fire wa.s within a few feet of the register of deeds office where the valuabli; records of the property owners of Washtenaw are kept and tut tor the qnickness of eye and promptness of actiou of Mr. Seabolt au exceediugh serious loss uiight have eusned He tías evideutly amoug other gooc qualiites iuheritfd from his father Moses Seabolt, the iustincts of a tru firüiiiau.