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An Old Offender

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Patrolnian Isboll took a prisoner own to the Detroit house of correctiou esterday. He called at pólice headuarters in Detroit and mentionod Wilam Thompson alias Raftree in jail lere on the charge of stealiug a bicycle rom León Shaw. On lookiug over ie rogues gallery an excelleut likeness f the man was fonnd. Under the ame of William Miller the ruan v?as entenced from Detroit in May 1893 to ve years in prison on the charge of tealing guns. He was arrested by )eteetive Donnelly, after having given ie pólice rnuch trouble by calliug at irivate residence and informing the lousewives that tbeir husbands had ent biro after their revolvers. The evolvers in his possession, he would ell them. On the back of the photoraph was a nnmber of aliases uuder vhich he had traveled, ainong others, cott, Thompson and George Daily. !t said also that be was about 45 years ld, an enigneer by profession and that ie had a broken nose. This answered he description of the man in the Ann Arbor jail. Thompson, as his name vas giren bere, has been tor somethne he engineer in charge of the boat at Zueky Lake which bas taken the reorters to their club houses. At Zukey ..ake he went by the name of Raftree nd is reported as somewhat resolute nstomer.