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Election Notice. Michigan Department of State, i Lansing-.Jan. :0, 18S19. )" To the Sheriff of the couut-y of Washtenaw: Sir- You are hereby notiffed that ut the general election to be'held in t.iiis state, on the irst Monday in April next, the toilowing ofticcr8 are to be elected, viz. : A Justice of the Supreme Court in place of Claudms B. Grant, whose term otoffloeexpires December 31. 3889; also two Kesents of ;he Uulversity of Michigan, in place of Peter S. Cook and Eli B. öuttoti, whose tcrajs of office expire DecemberlU, 1899. Also, a Circnit Judge for the twenty-secona Judicial Circuit, to whicli your cotinty is attoched, in place of Edward D. Krune, wliose term of office vvill expire December 81, 1891. In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto set my hand, and afti.ed the Great Sealof'tne state of Michigan, at Lanslog, the day and year first abovc writteu. J. S. STEARNS, Secretary of SfcaOTB Office of the Sheriff of Washtenaw county, , Aun Arbor, March 10. i To the electoi-s of the coumy oi' Washtenaw: Vou are hereby notifled that at the seneralj electiou to be beid in this state, on the fiit. Monday af April next, the following olh'cei-.-, are to De elected, viz. : A Justice of the Supremo Court in place oi Claudius 1!. Grant, whose term of office ex - pires December 81, 18S19; also two Kegents of the l'nlvereity of Michiiran, in place of PoterN Cook and Eli K. Sutton. whose ternis of-( office expire December 31, 1899. Also. a Circuit Judfie for the Twenty-second Judicial Circuif, to whicli Washtenaw cjunty is attaohed, in place of Edward D. Kinue, whose term of office will exiiire December 31, 1BH. JOHN GILLEN. Sheriff of Washtenaw county, Michj You are hereby notified that at theifcneral electiou, to be held in this state oatheflrst Monday of April next, there will be submitted to the peoplc the followiog proposilions to ameud the congtitutiou of tbis state: I. An amendment to Section Si. of Article Six, relativo to Circuit Oourts. 1Í. An amendment to Section Tnentytwo, Article Kour, relativo to furnishlnir supplies aud to the establishment In the Olty of Lanalng of a prlptlng oifioe owned by the state. III. To amend Seotions one, flve, eljrbt, ten, twelve, fourtéen, titieen, uineteen and t.wenty of Article öix, relative to the judicial department. I'. To amend Section Foi'ty-nine of Article Fotir. relative to the laying out, cotiBtruction, irjaprovement and maintenauce of highways. bridges and culyèrts by counties ani township8. i j This notice is giveu pursuant to notice issued by Secretary of State, underChapters and 10 of HoweU's Annotated Statutes. Dated. Anu Arbor, Mafcb 20, 189. JOHN GILLEN'. Sheriff of Washtenaw County. Dry Wood AT CLARK & BASSETT'5, State Phone