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THE DIVIDING LINE Good G roce nes Always bring a good price, not ap exorbitant price but a fair urice. We keep a good assortiment of good ■Groceries; we are not sellinfc theiu :it cost, but we are satisfied witli a smal! profit for the reason that tbis poUcy induces large sales. On the otber hand if yóu are satisiied with disease producing trash, groceries without the iirst claim to nutritious value, ymi can't tind theni at our store, but we will be pieased to see you just the same and perliaps eau interest you in a new policy- "foryour stomach's sake.'" Poor Qroceries STAEBLEH&CO. Start the day Right . . . and everythiug will go siuoo thly The proper way is to start with a steaming cup of our delicious Mocha and Java Coffee. The best Coffee in the countryTry it to be convinced. I f you are not satislied with your Coffee, try ours, and you, will tind it does make a differenee where you buy your Coffee. BIET I SUfllI 106-108 E, Washington St. GR. WILLIAMS, Attornev at Law and Pension Claim Attorasv. MELAN. MICH Coaveyancinsr and Collections. Spectacles Properly Fitted At a Low Price and Guaranteed. SAUSBÜRYS DRUG STORE, Huron St., Cook House Block. Whether you vote Republican or Democrat TRAD E AT The Racket Both parties endorse it. We haven 't the largest Store in town but we have . THE LEAST EXPENSES. Every' store-keeper knowshow mucfa of a margin he must put on bis goods to cover expenses, and with us that item is so snaall that we can publish oiir prices to tbe world. And besides they are cash prices and everybody gets tlietn. We do not have to give f price to Tommy, another to Dickey, and still another to Heinrich. iL we buy an article of exceptional valué and it will easily bring $2.50, trat we ui sell it for $1.75 with a profit, we mark it $1.75. We suppose you have noticed that prices in all kinds ot' poods are taking aterjfficadvance,dueprincipal_jy to the fact that trusts are gettingin their work muking a nullity of 'the old idea that prices are regulated by supply and demand. They will over reacb themselves some time and theu a ;reat wave of indignation will roll over this country and we'll vote theai out of existence. We sold last week neariy a barre! of that exquisite blue and gold lielight Olassware and will receiye another barrel tomorrow, any piece cinly 10c. 12-inch Keyhole Saws, Ifïc, DoorKey only 5c, Boxwood Pocket Iluies ic, c and 7c. All kinds of Curtain l'oles and Fixtures, Closet Nails 8c per pound. Horse Clippers 95c, $1.49, $2.00 Ilair Clippers 79c and $!.lü, Hiil [log Hings 5c per hundred, Chinese Hall lilueing -1c, Glass Tumbleis 20e per loaen, Matches 8c per large packages, Electric Kazors 1.00 and $1.25 fully warranted. Lantern Globea 5c, Carpët Stretchers 42c, Crepe Tissue I'aper 10c per roll, Meat Grinders $1.25, Twelve l'enny-weight Silver Knives and Forka 92.7H, per dozen, J,ine Snaps ISc pr dozen. The Racket 202 E. Washington St.