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Wórd was received at the war departmeut Tuesday that the transport Logau, which is to bring the 81st Jdicliigan, was expected to airive at Cienfuegos on Thursday. the 6th instant. Geu. Brook's order to hasteu the Michigan regiment to the port of êmbaraktion is couiited upon to land the tioops at Cieiifuegos before the end of the week. They will be embarked at once and as sooii as the vessel is ready to sail the department will direct her cornmauder as to her port of destiuatiou in the south. The departmeut is uow disposed to favor landing the 31st at Atlanta aJthotigh the people oí that city are protesting agaiust the ment s Dringing ariy troops trom Cuba to that port. The department officials regard the quarautiue regulatious as ampie to prevent auy infection. In addition, the Michigan regiment is known to be in splendid health and without a single suspicious case of sickuess in the entire conrniand. The latest health report shows the coudition of the 31st to be superior to tha of any other volnnteer regiment in Cuba. The men have had the advantage of an excellent camping ground, plenty of pure water and good food, and are now beginning to reap the benfit of the regular anny discipline which Col. Gardener has so effectively established