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Kinne And Lister

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Washtenaw couuty gives Jndge Kinue 1,187 majority aud according pto one report frórn Monrpe he has carried that conuty by a majority oí 9. Mr. Lister's majority in the coonty is 622. The vote by townships iu the connty was as follows: For snpreme conrt jndfje Graut bas 0 inajonty in the city. He cariies the First ward by fl, the Fonrth by 3(!, the Sixth by 94 and the Seventh by ((i, while Barkworth carries the Secoud by 121, the ïhird by 28 and the Fifth by 12. Col. Dean carries every ward in the city for regent. He bas 16S8 votes in the city. Óver Parkhill his majority is 820, dïstrinbted as follows: First ward 149, Second 15, Third 96, Fonrth 111, Fiftli 83, Sixth 146, Seventh 1&& A study of the returns on "-regenta shows that Col. Dean received 402 more votes in the county than did Oolonel Sutton and Legendre received 1 14 more votes than did Farkhill. Dean received 315 more votes than Sutton in Ann Arbor city and 79 more in the county o itside the city. Sutton received 41 more votes in this city than did Grant. Col. Dean's majority over Farkhill in Washtenaw is 1061, while Grant has 130 majority over Barkworth. The I (Conttnued on lüghth Page.) ME IHISTER CCotitinued from First Page.) vote on Justice was Grant 4tiO.", Barkwoitli 44(!9; on regente it was Sntton 4696, De;ui 5098, Lejrendre 4251, l'arkhil! 4037. Tbe next board of supervisors wil] be republican by a inajority of tbree, tbe repobhcaiis gaining supervisors ia Sylyaii. Lyudon and the Fifth ward of Ann Arbor. The uext board is as foliows : Ami Arbor city- Win. K. Childs R, Emauuel Schneider D, John J. Fiseher R. Herman Krapf R, John Shadford R, Williani Eiggs R, G. Frank Allmendiuegr R. Aun Arbor town - Charles Braun D. Augusta- S. S. Bibbins R. Birdgewater - George L. Walter D. üexter- John D. Clark D. Freedom - Dresselhouhe D. Lodi - Daniel Selyer D. " Lyndon- VVm. B. Collins R. Manchester - Williara Burtless R. Northfield - Fred Prochnow D. Pittsfleld - Morton F. Case R. Salem - C. Kinsgley R. Saline - Willis Fowler R. Scio - Byron C. Whittaker D. Sharou- William F. Hall D. Superior- Walter H. Voorheis D. Sylvan- William Bacon R. Webster- Bert Kenny R. York- A. H. Mclutyre D. "ïpsilanti- John L. Hunter R. ANN'AKBOR TOWN. The entire democratie ticket was eleeted by -f rom 1 to 53 majority as follows: Supervisor, Charles Braun ."J3; clerk, Charles F. Stablër 34; treasurer, Wm. Burlingame 45; liighway commissioner, Cari Weidnian, 1, board of review, ílenry B. Feldkamp 17; justice.John O'Hara 8; school inspector, Walter S. Bilbie 28; constables, Geo. ilass 16: Roy Forn 13; John Jetter, ,jr., 17: Williatn Lewis Mead 13. AUGUSTA. There were 400 votes cast and the democrats saved a treasurer. The followiiig were the inajorities: Supervisor, S. S. Bibbius 42 ; clerk, Johu Lawson 03 ; treasurer, Walter R. Masou ó; school iuspector 4] ; highway commissiouer, Prestou McFall 24; justice, Whitmau L. Torrey 45; board of review Hiram P. Thompon 53. BRIDGJE"WATEE. Brdgewatór elected the democratie towuship ticket without opposition by from 107 to 110 votes. Tho officers elect were: Supervisor, George Walter; towu elerk, Win. H. Every; treasnrer, Addisou B. -j3pates; school inspector, Heury R. Palmer: highway coinmisioner. Oscar P.Bluni ; justice of the peaco, Theodore A. Raafa; (vacancy), Franklin JohnsoD ; member of board of review, Lewis Schelleu berger; constables, Charles Anglemeyer, Ambrose Kehoe, Adam Horuiug, John Tnrner. DEXTEÜ TOWNSHIP. The democratie ticket was elected, RxceptiDg treasarer. The vote was as follows. democrats being first nained Supervisor, Johu Clark 109, John Schiefersteiu 77; clerk, Jamps Guinon 122, Wm. Vorheis 61; treasurer Thomas Rabbitt 76, Jonh Sehriltz 110 highway cominissiouer, Johu Ludwig 110, K. H. Wlieeler (7; school iuspector, W. Enige 108, R. McNeil 75; board of review, T. D. Johnsou 111, W. D. Stnith 71 ; justice, Byrou Greeu 117, E. W. Daniels (iti; constables James Ivory, Louis Stapish, Georsje Read. LIMA. The rteiuocrats saved supervisor aud two constables ont of the wreek. David E. Beach made a greafc rnu for auperrisor beiug elected by 141 votes to 92 for Henry Wilson. The other officers eiect are : Clerk Otto Lnick, 79; treasnrer John Fiukbeiner, 27; school inspector Samuel H. Smith, 88; bighway ootmnissioner, Russen Wheelock 4; jnstice Gecrge C. Page, 35; board of review Bussell Parker, 39 ; constables, George Savory, Ralph Pierce, Fred Baríes aud Frank A. Leach. MANOHESTJEK. The repnblicans carried the town reolectiug William Bnrtless spnervisor by 43 majority. The democrats elected treasnrer and highway cotrimissioner and justicö. There were 548 votes cast aud the officers elect received the following ïnajorities : Supervisor, Willia Barfless 83 ; olerk, Fred L. Hill 21 ; treaánrer, George Wurster 1 43 ; school inspector, Frederick Steinkohl 24; higbway commissioner, Ambrose J. Kirt 53 ; jnstice, Matthew T. Pront 31 ; board L jaview, Weorge Heimerdingor LYNDOX. The republicana cnrried tbis democratie townsbip e.xoeptiug for school inspector, jnstice, board of review and constables. The majorities were as follows: Supervisor, WilHain B Collius, 20; clerk, Charles E. Clarke 19; treasurer Howard Campbell 19; highway cummissioiier, Edward Gonnau 2, school inspector, George May 26; jnstice, Heury V. Heatley 9 ; board of review, George Runciman 10. David E. Beach, democrat, was reelected snpervisor by 49 majority, all the rest of the town ticket exceptiug two constables and niernber of board ot review beiug repnblicau by from 00 to 79 majority, The vote was as follows: Supervisor, Henry Watson 92, David E. Beach, 141; clerk, Otto D. Luick 155, Harry M. Hayes7fi; treasnrer, Jouh Fmkbeiner 129, Frank A. Leach 102; school inspector, Samuel H. Sinith 182, Ernest Schmidt 94 highway commisaioner, Eussell Wheelock 116, Fred C. Haist 113; jnstice, George C Page 132, John A. Schmid 97;.inember of board of review. Russell Parker 185, John G. Zahn 94; constables elect, George tíavory, Ralph Piecre, Fred Baríes, Frank A. Leach. NOHTHKIELD. The democratie and citizens tickets were in the field, the entire democratie ticket being elected excepting highway comtnissioner to which oflice a democrat running on the citizens ticket was elected. The majorities were asfollows; Supervisor,Theo. Prochnow S2; clerk, Frank O'Brien 81; treasurer, John P. Smith 4; school inspector, Geo M. Bard 34; highway coramissioner, Henry Miller 11: justice Michael H. Kennedy 16; board of review Wm. Nanry 42. PITTSFIELD. J The eutiro repnblican ticket was elected by majerities trom 67 to 8?. Tue republican ticket receivea from 118 to 130 votes and Charles Mills headed the democratie ticket witii 31 votes, while Alfred J. Paul received 43. William Campbell aud Gnstave Schenk were on the democratie ticket for constables aud were elected with. out opposition. The officers elect and majorities were : Supervisor, Morton F. Case 87 ; clerk, James H. Webb 67 ; treasnrer, George C. Wilsey 75 ; school insector, Frank M. White 72; highway commissioner, Austin F. Simtb 76 ; justice, Edward L. J. Smith 76 ; board of review, George Read 76; constables, Williain Carupbell 48Gustave Schenk 49. SIIAKOX. The democratie ticket was elected as follows: Supervisor. William F. tl;ill 74; clerk, Asbley l'arks (9: treasuicr, lienlIuesQian 4S, high way commissioner 10; juslice, Stephen W. Meuithew 01; school inspector 58; board of review, Alfred ('. Snaythe 48. SALEM. j"early 30 more votes were polled on the town ticket than on the state ticket. Silas D. Chapín, the democratie nominee, made a line run but went down under the republican majority. The democrats pulled out the clerk. The majorities were: Supervisor, Charles Kingsley 29: clerk, Roy A. Waterman 18; treasurer,Frank Rider 72;school inspector, Alice Quackenbush 34; high way conïmissioner-Wm. Naylor 64; justice vacancies, John y.uauKenmisn ; Frank Tracy 66; justice f uil term, John Munn 66; board of review, William Stanbrö (o, Uenry Brinkman 49. scio. The entire democratie ticket iu Scio was elected excepting treasurer. Supervisor Byron C. Wbittaker was reelected by 210 majority. The lowest democratie majority was '65. SUPERIOR, 5 The eutire democratie ticket was elected by (uajorities raugiug from 14 to 50. Walter Voorheis was reelected snpervitor by 35 over Wm. dippen. Eüoch Twist was elected clerk, Jnstin Gale treasnrer, Frauk Duresg, membe-r of board of review and Mr. iletcher jnstice. SAI.iXE, The eutire repnblican ticket was elected by majorities from 37 to 78, the vote being as follows: Supervisor, George Nissley 189. Willis Fowler 240; clerk, David Searü 168, Ashley Van Dnzei 241; treasurer, Andrew Lindenschmitt 16i), Gp.o. Walker 244; highway commissiouer, Chas. Albèr 05 Philip Sherle 212; board of review James Liudsley 169, Geo. Klager 241 ; justice of the peace Edwarcl Wallace' 661, Chas. Howe 234; school inspector Bert Hamomud 188, Clintou Stimpsou 215; constables, W. Rhodes 186, Thomas Batty 188, Daniel Kliue 185, George Finkbeiner, jr., 179, Fred Jerry 221, Chas. Coukliu 224, Lela Fitzgerald 220, Charles Graf 227. BYLVAK. The ïnajorities on the towuship ticket were: Supervisor, William Bacou R16; clerk, WilJiam R. Lehinau D 143; treasurer, George A. Begole R 211; school inspector, Paul A. Gerard R 16; (vacancy.) Schayler P. laster R 16; higbway comniissiouer, Christiau Kalmliach K 6; justice, Edward A. Ward R 2 ; nieinber of board of review, Augustus Stegar H 5T. WEIJSTKIi. There were two tickets but of conrse the republicaus succeeded. The democratie vote ou the town ticket ranged 'rom 41 to 57, Lt;vi Lee polliug tbc argest number for liighway coimnissioner. Bert Keuuy was re-elected supervisor by 77 majority. The other offieers elect are : Clerk, Frank Preson; treasnrer. ila A. Vanghaii; chool iuspector, Win. A Bnraett; lighway commisaioner, Ccrydon L. Thurber; justice, Lewis ChauabevlaiD ; oarrt oí review, Wm. H. Weston. TrS!I,ANTI. Hou. E. P. Allen is elëcted mayor by 219 majorify. Snnmer Darnon has 2?( imijority for supervisor and Ehner McCuílcragh 197. The demócrata elected three aldermen and the republicans two. Clilïord Huston carries' the First by 35, Frank Worden by 2fi, William Moore by (35. The repnbliean.s elected Johu VauFossen in the Second by 38 and Squire Lappeus in the Thiid by 58. VORK. The democratie ticket was elected by majorities of froin 3 to 51, excepting clerk and highway connnissioner. S:pervisor Mclntyre leads his ticket. The vots was as follows, dernocrats being first named : Supervisor, A. D. McIntryre 247, Geo. F. Richards lí)6; clerk, Alfred Putnam 19ti, Fiederick Gauntlett 238; treasurer, George j Delaforce 219, Chas. Cobb 216; high-! way coixmiissionrr L. A. Wilcox 210. Marvin Diilou 223; board of ieviev Daniel Throop 23á, Louis Laflin 199? justice Jobn A. Jacksou 221. Wesley Robiuson 211; jnstice (vacancy) Irving Moore 234, Leonard Josenhans 199; school inspector, Irving Case 232, Fred Gillett205; constables, Edward Hale, Hem-y Doty, W. E. Diilou, W alter Coé.