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A Change Of Venue Is Wanted

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Randall & Jones attorneys for Sei by A. Moran in the suit of William Judson vs.Selby A. Moran for slauder have flled a motion for the change of venne in the case to either the connties of Livingston or Jackson. The reasons set np for the ohange of venne are as follows : "PJaintiff 's action is but one of a senes of suits arising out of an open aud bitter struggle between certain factions of one of the political parties of the county of Washtenaw and that the piaintiff and some of his former depnties are personally, directly or indirectly interested in the prosecu tion of several suits iu said circuit court, all originating and growing out of said factional fight. That the said piaintiff has exerted himself to the utterinost to excite, arouse and fcment a bitter quarrel within the ranks of the party to which he professes to belong and that on all occasions and in every part of said county has berated aud misrepresented the defendant and has exerted himself in every way to weaken the detendant's influence among his neighbors aud friends and to créate a strong prejudice in his own favor to the sole end of placiug the defendant at a great disadvantage in the trial of the said cause before a jury in said couuty. "That plaintiiï bas many followers througbout the county, many of whom were his former deputies, and that they have exnployed every means through the public presa and by means of personal interviews to stir np the contentious and enruities tbat have embroiled the political party to which thev belong, and the said factioual fight bas become so intense that it will be impossible to obtain in this county an impartial trial of this canse, or of any cause wherein the plaintiff is directly or indirectly interested, and that it is impossible to obtain a jury in this connty freed from all ínfluences; and a jus and impartial verdict cannot be obtained in tbis county.' The raotion further states that the case has created great excitement in Wasbtenaw county and all the people are more or less iamiliar with it. In the affidavit of Mr. Moran among otber things he states that the differences between himself and Mr. Judsou was carried into every cancus and political convention of the repnblican party to which both parties beloüged, and that the "said matter of difference was carried to such an extent iu caucusses and conventions of such republican party within the cotinty of Washtenaw that the party became divided into factions and were commonly reported and ciesignated in snch proceedings and by the public press of said county as Judsonites and the Moran crowd. " The affidavit speaks of the prominence given the niatter in the newspapers and tbe fact that the article complained of as libelons is a criticism of the political conduct and record of the plaintiff in the matter of elections within the county, and also that at every term of court siuce snit was coinmenced, from fonr to six deputies have been present, "usiug every effort to familiarize themselves with the feelings and prejudicies of the urors soas to aroid getting npon suc-h jury tor the trial of said cause auy person who would be likely to feel in any way friendly towards deponeut or iiupartial and unprejndiced in said matters of controversy. " The affidavit continúes: 'Depouent says that rfc is cnrrentiy reported that the said plaintift' has during the year last past had alniost or entire control and dispensatiou of patronage and appointments to office nnder the administration of state affairs within said county of Washtenaw. That by reasou thereof the said plaintift' has, as deponent verily believes, dictated aud controlled the appointnient of eight or teu different state offlcers and meinbera of boards cí control of different state iustitutious all witlijn the said county of Washtenaw and at different parts or portions of said county and tbat there are withiu said couuty many other persons who are seeking and have been proinised appoiutmeut and politica] prefennént at tbe hands and by the influence of said plaintiff. " It is charged that all these persous as well as Judsou's deputies are endeavoriug to créate public sentiment favorable to the plaiutiff. Also that tne plaintiff during the past two years has made violent attacks upou the defendant and instigated the other uewspapers of the county to do so. The deponent therefore believes the securing of an m part i al jury in this county to be impossible.