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A Golden Wedding

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Ou March 29 in Pittsfield occurred the happy ceJebratiou of the goldeii wedding of Mr. and Mrs. George Jacob Kempí'. A snmptious 6 o'clock din uer was served at which were the iinmediate farnily, Rev. John Nemaaun pastor of the Bethlenern church aucl Mrs. Neurnann, Hon. Reuben Kunipf and Mrs. George Schlemmer and husband, Mrs. Mayer brother and sisters of Mr. Kernpf. The Ladies' Society of the Bethlehem church preseiited the couple with a baudsome easy chair. Iu addtion there were inany presents of silverware, flowers, etc, sent in, as a sight token of love and respect for the aged couple. Before the dinner was served, Rev. John Nenmann read three poems, one composed for the occasion by Mrs. August Widenmann and another by Mr. Neumann and the third author was not stated. Scripture was read and prayer for the continned welfare of the couple and thaukfulness for the past blessings eiijoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Kempf was given by their pastor. George Jacob Kempf was the sou of John J. and Rosanna (Meyers) Kempf bom aud Aug. 23, 1823, in Stammkircheu, Ober Aint Calv, Wnrternberg, Gennany. His father was a butcher and Jacob, his sou, learned the trade which he followed with his father for ïriany years. Iu 1830 Mr. Kempf with his father imigrated to th3 United States, settling in Trombowerville, Buchs couuty, Pa., where they resided until the spring of 1838 when they removed to A uu Arbor, where they went into the ineat business. Their shop was , opposite the court house, on E. Hurou st. Mr. Kempf, senior built a briok residence on W. Huron st. , which was toru down some years ago to make room for the residence of Wilharu Herz. In the basement of this house, the first Germán parochial school iu the city was held. Mr. Kempf seuior, as wen as nis son, were very active members of the Bethlehein cünrch. Mrs. George Jacob Kempf 's maideu name was Catherine Scb lemmer and born Üct. 15, 1820, at Heilbroun, uear Weinsberg, Wnrtemberg, Germay She was maiiied to Mr. Kempf, Marcb 29, 1849. Three cliildrea survive their unión, Charles and Johu who reside in Pittsfleld aud frof. Reuhen H. Kernpf, the well know musiciau of Anu Arbor. After 25 years of business, Mr. Kempf retired to bis present home in Pittsfield. Mr. and Mrs. Kempf have spent a long life of usefnness and are fully entitled to the affection and respect in which they are held by a large circle of relativos and fnends. Mr. Kempf's stardy, upright character and strong individuality during his younger days left its iiupressiou on the community, and he was oue of the workers that helped to rnake Washtenaw county what it is today. May Mr. and Mrs. Kempf long be spared to th eir children.