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Hicks' Prophecy

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May He Prove to be a False Prophet This Month.

If anyone thinks that his half ton of coal will carry him through this winter he is quite mistaken. And then, too, that pretty Easter hat that you purchased can be laid aside for a few days unless you wish to wear it in snow storms. The baseball crank must wait at last a week, probably two, before he can shout "Rah, Rah Michigan."

Today is April 1 - April fool's day - and from the looks of the weather it will fool many in seeing pretty Easter hats and new dresses, etc., in church tomorrow. Of course you don't go to church to see hats and dresses and study styles, but it is a kind of second nature to look around anyway.

The veracity of Prof. Iri R. Hicks can not be denied when speaking of weather. In Hicks' almanac it is fore casted that at least half of April will be cold and stormy with some snow. Occasionally a warm day will sandwich itself in.