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Whitman's Answer

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Ex-Regent Charles E. Whitmau bas filei. his answer to the bill of Edward Frohhch for material fnrnished in building his home in whioh Frohlich seeks to make his claim a lien on the property. He admits that he made a contract with John J. Sheldon and Christian ütto to bnild his house, that they did not complete the house according to contract, in fact abandoned it, and he, Mr. Whitman, had to complete the building; that he had uo kuowledge of any snpplies being fnrnïshed Sheldon & Otto; tnat hu received uo notice of any alleged supplies; that rluring the time when Frohlich alleges that he could not get service he was every day at his home in Ann Arbor. That he did not receive notice and had overpaid Sheldcn & Ütto and the mortgage of tbe Farmers & Mechanicts bank was the first lein on the property. The answer is Sworn to by Mi Whitman before W. W. Zoernisch, a notary public of Chicago.