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Beet Sugar Seed

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An effort wiil undoubtedly be made next fall to establish a beet sngar factory at Ann Arbor. it is therefore of the utmost importaiice that experimeuts be made in the county in growiug the beets. Through the kindness of Senator Ward, the Argus has received a quantity of seed froin the Agricultural departrnent at Washington. A smal! quautity, so far as it goes, will be given to farmers calling for the same at the Argus office. The couditions npon which the seeds aie given is that ach farmer agrees to sow the same carefully, keep a record of the product, and report the same to the Argns. Furthermore, the farmers sowing this seed eau send a sample of the sngar beets to the Agricultural College a Lansing and receive free a report of the percentage of saeĆ¼arine matter contained. These tests will go to prove what can be done in the couuty in this line and will give the farmer expenmenting some idea of what profits he may expect in raising beet sugar. To make a factory a euccess not only is capital required to build it, but what is just as neccessary is the co-operation of the farmers. The experiment with this seed will go far to solve the latter problem. In Kalamazoo at the pieseut time, the projectors of a beet sugar factory are in the strange position of haviug raised the money to build the factory and let the contract, and now tlie farmers are holding off in making contracts. They are of course standing in their own ligbt but it is disconraging for public spirited men to try and help thnir oommnnity.