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The Ann Arbor Chioory Co. bas secnred a number of contracts amounting to about half the acreage 'required. The farmers who have land snitable for the growing of chicory, and this is a black ruuck or sandy loam, will have to decide quickly if they want the benefiis of this year's contracts, They must also consider, that next year the men who have had coutraots this year, will be favored This year men may then take up all the iucreasf d acreage, and they will not be able to get any contracts at all. What is so very advantageons to the farmers is that the Chicory CK does not require that a large ainonnt of land must be promised by each individual farmer. What it does reqnire is know the definite amntint of land on which each man will sow chicory. and for the product of this land, the company will pay $6 a ton. As the yield a bont Bay City has been from seven to 12 tons au acre, there is a reasonable prospect that the yield in Washtenaw couuty will be as large. The farmer takes no chances on getting a market which cannot be said of other crops. Chicory is not hard on the land, and ean be raised 10 or more years in successsicn, on the same grouud. Every farmer who looks forward to the increased prosperity of Washtenaw county eau help it along by quickly closiug a contract, be it for half an acie or more. They should not delay this in all fairuess to the company that is wiling to invest thonsands of dollars and take uine-tenths of all the risk. It is of such iniportance to tñe eommumty that the contracfs can be pusJied by every business man. with advautage to the farmers and busiuess men. Let everybody take hóld aud cause no delay whatever. Try to influence every land owner to cali at the office of the compaDy. at once and thoronghly investígate the chicory business.