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"Príde Goeth "Be f ore a Fatt." Some proud people thínk they have strong constttutíons, and ridicule the idea of disease. Such people neglect theír health, let the blood run down, and thetr stomach, kidneys and Hver become deranged. Don't be foolish about your healthUse Hood's Sarsaparilla and you will prevent the fall and save your pride. Scrofulous Hip Disease - " My boy Willio luid scrofulous hip disease from a baby. Abscesses developed. Ifonths at the hospital, with best treatment, did no goo'l. They said he would never walk ag;;;n. He was helpless and wasted away to nothing but skin and bone. Hood's Sarsaparilla had helped me, and I gave it to hira. Imagine my deliglit at a wonderful change. Abscesses all healed, crutches thrown away. He is now tall and stout, perfect well and the tlianks are all due to Hood's Sarsaparilla. Other inothers with crippled ohildren should know this." Mrs. Kmma V. Puff, Walpole, Mass. NervOUSneSS- " I was weak, nervous and very delicate, staggered in atterapting to walk. Hood's Sarsaparilla and Hood's Pilis made me well. I feel like another person." Mrs. Lizzie Siiekbebt, Conduit Street, Ext., Annapolis, Md. Dyspepsla- " We ai; ase Hood's Sarsaparilla. It cured my brother-in-Iaw aivl myself of dyspepsia. I owe my Iife to it." M. H. Kikk, 607 Franklin St., Philadelphia. Hood's Pilis cure lirer ills, the uon-lrrltatlng and oniy cathartic to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla. F. J. Biermann, DEALER IN GürjS: ... FsshÏTjg Tackle The L. A. W. Repair Shop. BICYCLE ENAMELING, ETC. 113 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor Real Etsate For Sale. CTATE OF MICHIGAN COUNTY OF Washtenaw, ss. In the matter of the estáte of Charles Binder, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance ofan order rranted to the undersigned Admlniatrator of tbc Estáte of said deceased by the Hon. Judge of Probate for the County ofWashtenaw,onthel8thdayofFebruaryA.D. 1899, there will be sold at Public Vendue, to thehighestbidder, attlie east front door of the Court Uouse.City of Ann Arbpr in the County of Washtenaw in said State onWedneeday.the 19th day of April A. D. 18B9 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances by mortgage orotherwise existing at the time of the death of said deceased) the following described real estáte, to-wit: Oommencing at the south east corner of lot four (4) in block number two (2) south of Huron Bfcreet in range number ttareo (ö) east running thence uorth along the west line of an alley running nortU and south through said block eighiy eight feet tlienee west twenty feet thenee south parallel with firpt line elgrhty eight feet to Liberty Street thence east on the uorth line of Liberty Street twenty feet to place of beginniusr: Also the right and privilege of a private alley to be need and oecupied jointly with the owners joining pflid alley on the south snip -said alley described as follows viz: - Being Bine feet off from the uortli side of the south tnrenty two feet of lot number three (3) in block two (2) south of Huron Street in range three [3j east and from Second streel (now Ashley street) on the west to the alley on the east and e.vtending across the entire -lensrth of said lot three Qi) ■ AL BERT MANN, Administrator of the estáte of Charles Binder, dec&ed. A lady yvho purcliased a piano from BS at Christmas time said: "I came near buying a piano soniewhere else because yoir never came to talk piano to us." This shows that we miss many a sale by not havjuf? agents out to vvorrythe people, but agents cannot live on air, and an average expense connected therevvith of at least $25.00 on each piano, goes to the benefit of the eustotner who will take the trouble to come to our store at 114 W. Liberty st., Ann Arbor. # The Schaeberle ...fiusic Store AUGUST G. KOCH, DEALER IN Staple ai)d Fai)cy Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season. NEW SAUERKRAUT. Phone 324 New State. 206 EAST WASHINGTON STREET. haÏralsaiw KSJgCitiTiM ana beautific tho hLt KJUpflH'Proiiiotef R lnxuxiant growth. MffffflF= .HtleTOr FcilB to Eestore Gray HSJ!?EifeaB H Hair to jta Touthful Color. flSfíwipHn Cure3 scalp disensca & hair folliiig.