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Academy Of Medecine

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Saturday evening a meeting oL Aun Arbor physicans was held In Dr' Darling's offices, lor the purpose of organizing an Ann Arbor Academy of medicine. With the large number of well known medical men in this city, and those connected with the University, there is no reason why this society should not attain a national reputation. The organization grew out of the factthatthe Washtenaw Co. Medical Society, which only assembles quartily, does not meet the ambitions and desires of our more progressive local phy sicans. It is proposed to meet even two weeks, for literary benefit, with an occasional social evening intervening. The new Academy is to be liberal in its scope. The clergy and legal profession mav be called upon to read papers; famous outside medical men will bfc as,ked to rnake addresses, and all menr bers will be expected to present papers on subjects they are especially litted to handle, to be followed by informal discussions. A committee was appointed to draft a set of Constitutions and By-Laws, and to present them at the next meeting, to be cal led in two weeks, together with a concisepresentation of theaims and rules of the new society, ifter the business part of the meeting was over, Dr. Dading served refreshments,which were imbibed - we mean partaken ol - with relish and conviviality. The date of the next meeting will be announced. All local medical men are invited to be present, and to present their views on the project before that time in writing or personally to Drs. Spitzley, Breakey or Blair.