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The Ills Of Children

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Dr. Hartman offers his advice to parenis on the treatment of couglis and colds. ■mw M "ÏÏ=K TjliTP to guard aguinst colds. M LX VnT lm Iiearly a11 the ills ■ 1 JLjtLJCiA children begin with gf 7 I taking cold. If your 52 -TéVÍ child catchcs cold don't wait a moment before TSiï'TVjy' ■ aitacking that cold. lkFr I To the ignorance or neglect of parents is due 'ÍL "LeaS the iatal terminatio11 oi many children's comyS &BmEQHl8 If you are not iniormed as to the JmuWUSÈ. SSGtS I proper course to pursue to drive off MmÊf&Tiï&rT a ehild's cold, write to Dr. Hartman, MM '-JVl f president of the Surgical Hotel, (yVfflrmTT tfYh ' X% Columbus, O. , tor advice, and ask for pa SSErui I V someof hisiredx)kswhichcontain if Kg&0X )l I W the most pertinent factsabout colds IJ 'V y andcoughsandallcatarrhaldiseases. VI II W'l -x Pe-ru-na, Dr. Hartman's greatpreVjl 1 Cl wards off colds entirely if taken at ÜH 1 P tlie eDinnin& iQ PrPer doses. It MvilötV 1 íáSí58! breaks up settled colds quickly; it is ■'Mmnk W t?! scientiflc and safe; there is no mysJ ynllfl I HMli teryaboutit. Dr. Hartman's books "ïSft y teil just how it acts and why. AU CWl - xlH Mrs. C. T. Kogers, Elgin, HL.says: slsl rfcÜg i B' Hariman' Columbus, O. ?V 7J$iv?J y 4 DearSik:- "Your medicine saved W ( '$fÉrrtJ y%Èa Ü my baby's lif e. Westoppedall treat f 'fc. y ASlÉÈ yi ment but yours, and now he is a ' "yIIIm . 'iiVW "M beautiful boy. It was certainly a f I 'Wo,1 MJ Becking, East Toledo, O., uittil- a-ÁSm writes to 'the Pe-ru-na Medicine Co.: '' ' VflÉfMWÏ iffnïÜÜcDear Siks:-" Pe-ru-na is the best f ' PmM HffiffflftiS"-"medicine I ever had in my house. I-H. . -l I U If Ifttfll RElïïaS SÊzr My children had a bad cough, and I ' MJtUSiaSiBS! one of them luid the lung fever. I "X, - . Jcarij'-'ij?_il_"-' cured them all with Pe-ru-na." !gl 8 Proper knowledge of the treatment of coughs and colds is of the first importance to parents. This knowledge is ofEered ftree. All catarrhal diseases succumb to Pe-ru-na.