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3 Cases Discontinued

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Three cases agaiut the JUichigati Central brotight by Attomey A. J. Sawyer, have been settled and stipnlations were flled Wednesday discontinuing the cases. The cases included that of Wm. G. Lewick, who was canght by a pry while helping transplant a telegraph pole in Francisco in November 1897 and sent some feet into the air. He sned or f 10.000 damages. The case of George Warren administrador vs. Michigan Central, for daniagts for the death of nis danghter, who was struck by a train in the Central yards in this cjty near the Kyer milis and was killed, was also discontinuad. The case of Mason Whipple, administrator of Orla Leach vs. the Michigan Central wat also discoutinued. Mr. Leach was thrown ott' a train uear Essex Center, Out, while stealing a ride andwas bronght to his home in Chelsea, where he died. The basis of the settlement of these cases is uot disclosed by the attorneys.