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White Birch

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Auu Arbor, April 5, '99. Editor of the Argus: - It may nofc be ont of place at this time to give a word of waruiug as to the disease of the white birch. Onr citizens geuerally, have probably uoticed that the white tirches, especially the cnt-leaf, weeping variety, have been dying in this vicinity fer two years. An examination of scores of ttees iu this city shows that all diseased treus are infosted by au iusect bort?r, and that all healthy trees coutain no borers. It is therei'ore safe to say that this borer is the canse of the distase. The tree when aftected beigns to die at the top, the withering of leaves and drying out of branches progressiug downward. The presence of the borer inay be readily discovered by the ridges appearing externally in the bark. The insect vorks moetly in the muer layer of the bark or in the young wood. Wherever it bores, the tree immediately begins the forruatiou of a healiug tissue, and (his escesgjve tissue forinaüon raises the bark in ridges or welts. The disease does uot seem to be a öevv one, bnt becomes striking xt tbis tune becanïe tbe iusects are excessively fltunerous. Thora is no reinedy against this pesl except the birds aud the buruiug of tli( ;rees. The cold winter bas not killed he larvae. The mature beetle comes ont of the trees m Jnue, and soon aftei lays its eggs in the bark. The eggs hatcb and the young larvae boreiutö the tree the same sncuuer. Obviously if the iusects are to be destroyed, they must be taken while iu the wooci beíore they come ont to lay their eggs.Iu May therafoie every birch tree shonld be e-xamined for the welts ou the bark. and all sbowing these welts hould be ent oS and bnrned, It is rïteii founrl that thv, trunk of the tree iear the grouud shows the piesence et ;he borers ; in snch a case the whole ree should be de.stroved. ,