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Cuddaback Arrested

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Eli F. Oudkaback a baggage man on ;he Ann Arbor road, was arrested yes? :erday by a United States Marshall on the charge of using the United States mail for illegal purposes. ïhe charge s based on the letter previously re'erred to in the Argus, which.Qud-, )ach wrote to his son in New Mexico. ïe was brought bei'ore United States Commissioner arayes in petioit and waivöd an exatnination. He gave bonds in the sum of $200 for his appearance. ïhe eomplaint will how COtne before tbe next grand jury wbich will have to pass upon it, and eithef lina a true bilí or quash the cotüplaint,. The complaint was made by Tostoflicé Inspector Larmour, who charges the celebrated letter to be obscene. The penalty i'or such a crime is limited to $ö,000 fine aud fiveyears imprisonmentThe Detroit Pree Press says: Oudda. back himself characteiizestbe letter as a 'bluff.' He was merely aíixlous to frighten the family iato a return ú( sorne of líis property. Tbe son, how ever, did not like the 'blttff,' and Únele Sam don't pl;iy poker anrt eoDsequently, doesn't understanc? tlte signiü". Cíance of the term. This letter iigured in the case before Justice Duffy that was appealetl to the circuit court, andtüere nol proased. It was wrjtten aíter MrsCuddaback had received her husband'3 property and iuslsted upon Iceepingit in her possession. Bandall & Jones are Mr. Cuddaback 's attornevs.