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Crockery, Glassware, Tin ware, Etc., hart a bij run these iays. Crowls taking artvantag-e of One Sale on aei uut ; in íjranch of our busim Partial Lisfiof Goods still Unsold, i 5c, 25c Fancy Mugs 9c 20c Hanging Soap Dishes 9c 2 5c Brass Shade Holders 9c -2oc Tin Cuspidors 9c 1 5c Paper Shades 5c í oc Tray s 5c Í5C Towel Racks 5c t oc Mugs : .... 5c 10c Soap Slabs 5c -45c. 25c, 13c Flower Crocks:23c, oc 5-Gallon Oil Cans -'36c 25c, 20c i-Gallon Oil Cans. . . . . 13c 5C i-Gallon Oil Cans 10c Slaehler & Co. Start the day Right . . . -a.nd everything will go stnoo thly The proper way is to start with a steaming cup of our delioious "ocha and Java Coffee. The best Coffee in the country. Tiy it to be convinced. If you are not satisfied with your Cofïee, try ours, and you will ünd it does make st difference where you bny your Coffee. BI ï SEABOLT 106-108 E. Washington St. f R. WILLIAMS, Mtwaw at La,w and Pension Claim Attorno?. MILÁN, MICB Conveyaneing and Cojlectlons. Spectacles Properly Fffted At a Low Price and Guaran teed. SAUSBURY'S DRUG STORE, Huron St., Cook House Btock. LÜTZ&5ÖN MANUFACTURERS OF STE. FURNITURE Ar,T, KINDS OF T-IBRARIES BARBER SHOPS STORES MILUNERY SALOONS EMPORÍUMS Etc. Etc. OESIQN WORK A SPEC1ALTY. g elepairing of Furniture of Every Description. i Xutz & Son. Office and Factory on VineSt. JS'ear V. Liberty St. ï-riArt)or, - - Michigan New State ïelephoue No. 278. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. "XANTED-A poot! gul for general house wprk. 537 Thompson .St. tl- 12 jEAHM of VA acres ia Webster at big bareain Hustbesold. Come month or ntar ■Hway forever, AKTIIUK BKOWN. 2-" YV'ANTEli-A nousebeeper by ehlerly g-euttem;j.D. Inquire at520 Tb'orupson Si i:- l.ï COK 8a LE-Two farms, between Bridgewater Station and Muncbeeter. Enouire o( John Burg, Ann Arbdl-, or Geoifce Sainte. # pAK.M FOR SALE-Tbe old Henry Krause tarra in Lodi on gravel ro;id. i'i miles ir?.Ann Arborand m "tiles fro&Salinei IJ8H acres, sood schooi on farm, ïü acres tioiber, water within 3 feet o( surtace, 1 Held watered, maple grove, butldinse iu (rooi shape. Easy term of payment. Low ,)n.;e. Apply Fn-d Krause, just outside city BroiKiway orat Ar-;u8-l)emocrat ofjice ' FOR SAI Oholcc Bhjrred l'lvsetting, One Cockerel of the Hawklas Blue A.r'Mioh' WNorth State Stroct, A„„ ANTBJ)- Married man to Work on farm ' 4 miles west of city, honey creekl Heuse and Karden furnished with waires Attdress Geo. l. Wing, Ann Arlor. J.-J-I5 XTOT7-,The farm known es tbe Ehei White Farm sltuated on Wost Libei-(,y St t muire at the residenoe 102Ti West Liberty St ' ion Arbor. 14 ifitf' .1 O.ST- Ilox eontainiDff Opticul Oooiis :á- iíreA6ed Hendorson. care of Aan Artor Organ Co. Finder Will i,e rewarded vor return of box to office. 17-20 EEBS FUK SALE-öeveral swarms of very A . 6ne,.I,t,aiian Uees at a barsain. CaU or aiiress M26 East Kuiler St., A an Arbor. 4--1S .Notice to Creditors. SifATE "OT MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF T Wagbtenaw, 6.s. Notlce is herotey tiven. fiiftt by an order of the Probato Oourt for tao ■Oöunty of Wasbtenaw, made on the ntu day of April A. D. 1899. slx months f rom taat .-lat! were allowed for oreditors tt present í.beir claims ag-ainst the estáte of IíW.h-cch S. Oimster, late of said C!ountv, de:üitóoJ aail cbatHllcndiiora of saidfieeeaaedareiTiitiired to present thcir claims to said Prottitte Oourt, Sbi tho i'robate OtHce iu the itv of Ann Arl.or, for examination and allowsrice,1 on of ' teefore theöthdayof Uctober next, nd that vsuch claiois will beheerd beforo said Court, fm the 5tb day of July and on the 5tU iay of üctober, JSM, next, at ten o'clock ia ' " toe forenoon of each of 8aid days. Hated, Aun Arbor, April 5, A. n. Í8ít. H. WIKTNEWKUtíí. Ju (latí oí lr)itó.