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The Machinery Being Placed

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The work of putting in the machinery at the Samtary Miïk Co. is being pushed day and night. When coinpleted ir will be one of the most modern establishments in the country. , There will be every conv3nienca for handling the inilk with absolute cleanliness. The weighing oí the milk will be done on scalas that will permit of five different lots of milk being on the scales at the one time, weight uf each fármér's cans being read seperately. The most interesting feature of the plant wil! be the milk testing apparatus. Expert Nelsou's explanation ofjhowlit works is worth au evening lecture. Mr. Nelsou did uot gradúate froin the most advanced Danish dairy school for nothing as he has every point down to a nicetv. Little glasa bottles are used in the Babcock tester. A little milk, the exact quantity beiug deterruined, will be placed in the gktss bottle which is unmbered so that each separate farmers milk can be known, a certain Jquantky of sul phuric acid added, and the bottle with 49 others plaoed i the Babcock tester. This is then turned at the rate of 80 revolutious per minute. The sulphuric acid consumes th casine and the butter fat which is indestructable is lef The neck of each little bottle is grainated aud marke with the meter systeni, so that at a glance it can be see how mauy pounds of butter there is in a huudred pouuds of milk. If the test shows less than 23 pounds of butter to the hundred pounds of milk it is au indieation that rhere is soinetning wrong with the milk as for instance the company has too much water. Then another small glas? bottle with two tubes to be used in testing the skiin milk after the butter is made. This will show if there is uiy waste iii the manufacture. This is oue of the most important things for the company. Mr. Nelson believes that the want of this apparatus is what has bankrupted so jnany private creameries. Iu co-operative creameries the loss is thrown upon all members alike. but in private creameries this loss may go ou and not be known. The company, Manager J. O. Travis says, will start May 1. He expects to make every product possible ■f rom milk. During the surnmer special attention will bc given to makiug of ice cream from pure cream. The motto of the compauy will be clcanliness and purity in ivery thing that is done. Manager Travis' ambitiou is, if a sufficient riumber of cows can be secured, ultimately to put up a condensed milk factory. The opening of a r.ew cash market for farmers milk in Ann Arbor, will in time prove a big thing for the farmers and city. The results of a large milk market can be seeu in Howell. Every business man theiv says they have reapcd benefits.