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A Trust Gobbled It

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According to the reports the prevailing craze for entering trusts has struok Washteiiaw count vvith the result that the Glazier stove works, of Chelsea have been gobbled. It will be reinembered that Glazier threatened some time ago to move his stove works away frotn Chelsea. But it is nnderstood iiis entering the trust will prevent, this. It is nnderstood the trust wbich has purchaspil tho Glazier works has its headquarters at Cleveland and. was but receutly iounded. Report has it that the Jackson and Homer stove companies have also entered the trust, but that they will be olosed while the Chelsea concern will be kept ruuning and will be eularged if proper freight terms can be made with the Michigan Central. Negotiations to this end are on at the present time with good prospects of ultímate suocess. We hope everything may turu out satisfactorily so that our neighbor may retain thisvaluable plant with au enlarged capacity. It would be a severe blow to Chelsea to have this valuable industry taken away and the Argus hopes the report s as to the works remaining and being enlarged may prove tiue.