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Twenty Four Miles Of Stamps

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During the year ending March 31, 1899, the receipts of the Ann Arbor post office amounted to $3 7,222.76 which is au increase of $1,798.45 over the preceeding year or about 5 per oeut. The receipts were cutjsomewhat by the deterruinatiou of the university authorities to enter their calendar as second claes matter, thua secnring pound ratea for transinission through the raails. The receipts by months may be tabulated so as to show a comparison of the ss done iu oorrepsondiug mouths of the two years : 1897-8 1898-9 April $3,078.73 $ 2,883.41 May 2,767.84 3,164.08 Jane 3,984.40 3,240.32 July 2,234.12 2,246.40 August 1,862.67 2,004.83 September 2,257.01 2,727.56 October 3,600.82 3,608.12 November 3,633.78 3,420.72 December 3,096.49 4,142.81 January 3,399.18 3,216.79 February 2,844.29 3,194.90 March 3,669.93 3,378.82 Total 135,129.26 $37,222.76 The business is a penny business and taking it that all thia suni was in pennies and tbat a man counted them out at the rate of two every second, and never took breath day or night till he had finished he would still be countiug three weeks after he started. Over a niillion two cent stamps were sold and over a quarter oĆ­' a million one cent stamps and a still larger nuinber of envelopes and w rappers. To be exact, the number of one cent stamps sold in the past year was 243,504, the number of two cent stamps 1,067,277, the number of postage stampa of higher denomination 38,944, the number of special delivery stapms 2,942, the number of 1 cent postal cards 224,732, the number of 2 cent cards 5,453. Tbere were also sold 301,828 stamped envelopes and uewspaper wrappers, a total of 1,844,680 separate pieces. If one man were required to sell all these at the rate of one a minute, working 12 hours a day, Sandays iucluded,'he would stilibe selling six and a half years after he started. If the stamps sold were placed end to end they would reajh 24 miles. If a room were carpeteĆ³ with them, a roorn 100 feet by 81 feet in size could be entirely carpeted. If tbe postal cards and envelopes soM were put end to end they would reacb over 50 miles, and they would carpet a room larger than one 500 feet by 152 feet in size.