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Brick Preferred To Asphalt

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The junketors to Detroit did business yesterday and came home with lots of new ideas on paving. They put in their time to sucb good advantage that everybody %vill iu time see that the trip was a good mvestmeut for the city. The party consi&ted of Mayor Lnick, President Seabolt, City Clerk Harkins. City Engineer Key, aud Aid. Koch, Richards, Coon, Steveus and Dieterle and Blessrs. Keech and Mclntyre, of the board of public works. President Seabolt says they walked over 78 miles moto or less and looked at pavement after paveraent. He. as well as the other members of the company, made np their miuds that the pavement iu Ann Arbor wonld compare with the est they saw. What interested them most was a block ou "ranklin st. back of tne old Mihvaukee depot. Here there vere 14 kinds of brick used in layiug strips of ;0 feet ach. Some of the brick was erambled. Tbere were fcbree kinds of brick that stood the test, in every respect. They vere taken in charge by the city engineer and had a long nterview with Commissioner Mooreland. The latter howed them great attcution, giving them an insight iuto prices of brick aud the various tests that have been made. 3res. Seabolt was very ruucb impressed with the superority of brick paving over asphalt. Whereever they saw asphalt paving it wasjbeing repaired. He believes that for a city like Aun Arbor brick is the thing that is wauted .ud not asphalt. Upon close investigation Pres. Seabolt s convinced that Anu Arbor paving did not cost much more than it shonld because more excavating had to be done in Ann Arbor thau in Detroit. Commissioner Moreland advised the nse of a lake sand filler in place of asphalt filer. As it is more expensive as the lake sand has to be brought to Ann Arbor, President Seabolt thinks brick is the best for this city. Attention was called to the importanoe of havmg a good cnrb. They saw cnrb stones that had been in use 35 yeais. The push carta used by the White Wings seeined very practical and could be nsed to advantage in Ann Arbor. Conimissioner Moreland takes iDuch pride iu his White Wings. He said he did not care what a man 's politics were, the ouly ooudition for appointment was tlnit they were Americaus and attended to their work faithfully. Two complaints that were well fouuded would cause a man 's discharge. President Beabolt thiuks it is tinneoessary to visit any other towus, except perhaps Toledo. The couucilhasreceived too raauy poiuts ou all phasea of the paviug question that trips to the smaller cities would ouly be nnnecessary expense. Aid. Dieterle saya that since yesterday's visit iu Detroit he is well satisfled withthe paveineuton Maiu st. It will compare witl) that iu auy other city. His visifc however, did uot change his miud abont asphalt paviug, which he still tliiuks vonld he the best for Aun Arbor.