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n. .SfflSaiïSSi- _ „tki CutihlH ad. out and rnd In ui nilli l.OO, anil ■ irillsend JOU (Illa NKtY VlHSiftííeÜíSÉS' ' v, "' ' TIH ' IJll'KOVKD ACJ1K QI.KKK PAKLOB ORUAS, by frelghtC. O. II., niibjwl to ƒ jjjflBlifiKBÍE E piamtnatioii. You can examine it at yournearest frelixlit depot, US;r.j!vy'JN'2fflBB and il you flnd t e.viictly hm representad, eiinal to urtan thafc iiá.jkjékMMiJLjkAtmm taJMmÉaÊLWIlM r.tiul .11, ?&. to tlOO.OO, thepreatest value youever sa nnd VrfmÊ IB1'!! far better than organs advertised b otliers at more money, pay A J BBfflpf witTêifWÈMi fff Mm HH j thefrelght agent our npeciul !O dny' offer prlce, $31.75, T UKgg.wK M iKBS HSnl leas the tl.OO, or SO. 7i, and f reight charges. BmlS '" li'Vffl $31.75 IS OUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS PRICE g.g Ij lELJ nl b; nllK-rs. Kui-li un offer WUN nnor inudc bol'ore. C_ IjÍ?1 $T ' ' l' fflSSlfflBfli THE ACME QUEEN i oneof the raoiIM kaiilkanei SWKFTKST 3TTHB '?. .5 - JMlEfl T0M) :isrunn-n7 i-ver made. From tho illttstratiun sliowii, wliit'h nAfliff'"'"' "-i1 , aBfBSkHI Is eiif?raved direct trom u photograph,yoncaiiiorni8omeideftofit8 XSH " # v h H "SJÉ beautlftil Made trom olid quurter awed A 3S P'V ' JH ÍhEhúVBci ouk, antlque finish, handsonielydet-orated and onmineiited, &vmSJkXSSí "V';l ' JSB BPBft lutt-Ht 1MÍM Htyle. TIIK ACMK QL'KKN is G foet f) inehcs tii-íi. CzL!=rr==z=zz&Fw&W1tt mS i'i inches lonjr , 2:t inches wide and weitrhs 350 pounds. rmB ga-jgjj tains 5 octave, 11 stops, asfollows: Diapnion, PriDcIil, MÈk Tll Uuirlann, MHoilla, Celeste, ('reniona, Bbh Coupler, Treble jStm WêêI aIiI Couplcr, IMapason Fctrtf anti Vin Humana; 'J Octaip touiih-rn, fLSk Hlm ÍM lToru8fll, 1 (Jrand Organ 8well, 4 Seis Orehitml Tonod fcglmgJBMgaiasa: B Ki'inalory Pipe (juaill; Rerds, 1 Set or 37 l'nre Swert Slf loiiia fGSSSsSQSlmi ReedB, 1 Sc-I of83 riinnninulr Brilllant Celeste Reeds, 1 Set of fBPBi SSoSSSH ■4 Kicli.11ollnr Hinooth Diapasón Keedst 1 Set of '24 PleAHlnv fclSlB ?- ; , iKIvHRH Hoft.llHdlnuPrioHpnl Kpeds. TIIK AOMK Q l KKN i ■ f ñ J ■ tlon consist of the celehi-ated Newell Reeds, whichareonly t "-- _ -r==aU g I OBB used in the highest grudo instniments; fitted witli DflflHIHHnBttl9ttl H I mond Coupler And Yox Humann, also best Dole felt, _- S3Wl leatbers, etc, bellows ot' the best rubber cloth, 3-ply -SJ BIJHhM HIÉkBI IliH bellows stock and flnest leather in valves. TUK WWUPWPIB Ai'MK Ql'KK.V ís fuvnished with a 10x14 beveled &' _"' ' JM HUW píate French mirror, nickel plated pedal frames, itíM and ■■■ ery modern improvement. ffc fumlsh tree .t ftTBBl iomi' organ stiwl and the best organ instructlon book il, %flBpBH GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. lZ J HBS Issue a wrltten binding 25-year guarantee, by the tfBSnBDKÏIs HftSI terma aml conditions of nhich If any part givesou lUKyitPBfflB&MBÈtiKS ËR we repair it icc of charïc. Try it onoraonth and :;: ÏPWKQ'mÊS WXlM w will refund yonr money if you are not perfectly . S SjC JX-ol)BÍB satislicd. 500of these orirans will bc sold ut 31. Ij. II [ OllíW! iXJEtmiwB LHfH HLF ÖurrelUbiËsbusd TZ : fe gipiilBHr , not dealt with ua ask your neighbor about us.wrïte -i&F the publisher of thi3 paper or Metropolitan National Bank, or Corn Eichange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán Exchange Bank. New York ; or any railroad or expresa company in Chicago. Wc hae aoplial or orer TUO,imii., occupy entire one of the largest business oiock" in Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 peoplo in our own building. WK SKLL OH0ANS AT 22.00 nd up; T1AKO8, ll-c0 and op; also everything in musical instrumenta at lowcst wholcaale prices. Write for free special rK" P""1? and musical instrument catalogue. Address (. Hoeboek k Co. ar thoruughlr relllle.- iwiior.i SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.). Fulton, Desplaines and Wayman Sis., CHICAGO, ILL.