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New Officers Sworn In

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At 4 o'clock tbis afternoon the oM worda conkl De said, "The Kinp s rlead. Long live the King. " At tb:s time the old city government gave way to the new. Newly electèd Mayor Luick President of the Council VValter Seabolt, City Clerk James E. Harkins, Aldermeu Hamilton, Koch, Rohde and Gross, Assessor Edward Seyler, and Constabes Johu L. Cox and Arthur J. Sweet were sworn in. Mayor Luick was kindly welcomed by the retiring Mayor Hiscock, wbo promised to assist Mayor Luick so far as lay in his power and congratulated him on his snccess. Mayor Luick briefly thanked him for the congratulations. Immediately after the ceremony which took place in the clerk 's office City Clerk Mills retires and City Clerk Harkius took his place as city clerk. The first duty the new city clerk had to perform was to dispose of a bilí for the burying of a dead dog. City Clerk Mills' books and papers were founct complete up to date and the office was turned over in good shape.