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A Laboratory On Fire

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VVhat carne dangeronsly near being a reat catastrophe to the uriiversity was arrowly averted yesterday morning by he prompt action of some of the studnts ot the chemical department. Some L the stndents, who had been working n the hygeinic laboraory, went to the eceptiou of Gov. Eoosevelt, leaving flre bnrmng under their crucibles. A 'ew minutes later the firecaught on the able and rapidly spread to the wal Is f the laboratory. But for the prompt ction of some of thestudents who were vorking in the adjoining room, the vhole ehemical building woiild have íeen destroyed asthere isnot a room in he whole bnilding that does not conain a considerable amount of chemials. The damage has not been estimated, but will no be great.