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CCT TBI8 iD __ Eï OUTud (dio gM T ns. and [f tou HvO wlthln 700 miles of Chicago, ironlllsend yon th TOP BCGGY BY FKfcHiHT C. O. D. X ltxPK t3 SrBJliCT T0 KXAM1NATI0N, you cao elimine it at jour frelghl depot and lf round 3 W1 PKKFF.CTLY SATISFACTORÏ, KXaUTLY ÍS UKPRESESTED, KO.UAI TO B1JUU1BS V Kl 025 CO THATRKTAILAT$60.00to S7Í.00 and THE ORANDEST BAROAIH ÏOU EVER SAW, XÁIEHi í p., thefreight .gent OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, -r- r'Akügaa and freight charges, lcssthoíl. 00 scnt with ordor. - ■- - ■ T _ I JBTTtS É&S. fv WE MAKE THIS TOP BUGGYf'„ ; lll ÍfeA makors put in 75.0 buit(?ies. Latest Style For 1899. Body, I ñaWB! HaS-- 2tx5i from the Best Seasoned Wood. fleur, liest Tiiat Money í:an I TTtMJ B"ÍlTVnML I Build. Knd Sprlngs, as illustratcd, or Urewster Skie Bar. Wheels, I J-?V5SC í TVi?77Fí f HiKh Grade Screwed Rim Sarvcn's Patent. Top, 24 oimce, Daily TClVjrVV VO(L7 KubberHcaWlyLined, f ull side and back curtains. Paiuting, VíVií sSll.VÍ'5áf tecd equal to any 8150.00 bupgywork, ïiody blank, (ieardark green w ■ laB Jrauipffl or Red. l'pliolstiriDír, heavy green FreMh bod; elolh or Eran's Leather. -"" ' tüftBr S33.90 IS OUR SPECIAL PSIOE r tophnggrcomiilotc, wlde or narrov traet, fnll leníth s!de and baek tnrtnins, torn apron, cnrnol, arenen. ant-rttlers and liafls. GUARANTEED TWO ÏEARS will last alifetime. For Bueele.atí 15 9;m np, HRITE FOR FUFE BCfiOV CATALOCCK. YOU CAN MAKE $500.00 This Year SellinR OTJR 38 CIO BUGGIES. ORDER ONE TO-DAT, YOTT CAN SELL IT FOE $60.00. DON'T DÏLAY '1'3Ö-S Address, SEARS, F.OEBUCSC & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ILL.