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The Stearns Collection

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i lie _b rederick Stearns collection of musical iustruments belonging to the University of Michigan is now being arranged in the north wing of the museum building, on the third floor. It will be so displayed as to illustrate the evolution of musical intrunoents from the simpler to the more complex forms. First, in the order of development come percussion instruments; second, wind instruments: third, stringed instruments; and lastly the pipe and reed combination instruments. The percussion instruments which are the simplest in form and construction, comprise rattles, drums, bells, and the like. Among the wind instruments are whistles, ilutes, and trumpets. In the third class are the harp, lute, tamborine, guitar, zither, viol violin, and piano. The pipe and reed combination instruments coraprise organs of various kindsj Eacli of these divisionsissub-divided uid these sub-divisions still furtber snb-divided, in order that each instrument may flnd its Togical place' in the collection.