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He Changed His Coat

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"Spider Story" nnmlier two. An other Ann Arbor spider too. This story too is just as trne, for the writer the one who spied her, or rather them for there were two, and tiow -we'll go on without more ado. Do spiders have a language? If no how can they communicate with each other even to teil what is going to happen and ask sympathy and help One fine October morning said our iu formant, I stopped at the head of the stairs to look through the sontl window, where everythiug was giori fied by the flood of snnlight, when my atteution was called to a pair of large gray spiders standing ou the outside ledge of the widow which was closed They stood several inches apart faciug each other. They were the kind tha bave no web - but have short legs anc jump at their pleasure in all directions I expected to see a flght every miuute, and made up my naind to see it to the bitter end. So I stood and stood, and so did they, perfectly motionless for a long, long time. Finally one of them began a kind of desperate strnggle with itself, still neither leaving ics choseu spot. After another long time the watcher in waiting crept forward to the other and when he got near enough for the expected flght to begin he qnietly and gently put his claws, or toes, or vhatever they are, on the tips of the toes of the sufferer's pantaloons, so to speak, and held them down while the wearer of the "pants" "htimped hirnself" until the back seam of his coat burst open and he then pulled his legs out of his pantaloous and stepped like a free, new man, leaving his old snit caught on a tendril of a vine where it was allowed to flutter till spiing. I iad never heard of such a thing and called to a íriend down stairs to come and see the show, bnt she was absorbed n the morning paper and answeied ;hat she had seen them bef ore. A funny part was that the spider ooked exactly as he did before the operation, so I suppose he had simply ontgrown his short clothes. The kind and teuder treattnent of the patiënt watcher was so human. Anyway I vvould not have missed the sight for auvthing, and how niuch better than the prize fight I had expected.