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WITK TOUR ORDER, cntthis , ad.outandsendto us, and ft- ■- jft C"l f wewül seud.vouQUR HIGH BaaSSM J) I I 5O (RADEOIiOPCAilHET BURDICK SEWIHQ MACHINE ; freís" c. o. u. ,Mrci u, tiui.H Wfíf I n[ioo. You can examine it at your nearest Irt'ipht depot and ifMw V ffiÖT 1 I 1 tound ptrfectlj amtaetorj, eiactly as represente. EtSËSlK- Ljfc tPI Ja. iual 10 macliinea othern fll as hi5b I6Ü.00, aad THE-- - . ni i i.SME&gliUig- B- BRKITEST BiKUlIS ÏOU KyEK USAR OX, pj joorJg ÉMÜb treijbtitiour Special Offer Pnce $15 50 and Creijïht charges. The machine weihs w apfl 120 pounds and the f reiffht wül average 75 cents for each 500 miles. H CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL in your own home. and HB3B SSf vtü will return your 815.50 any dar you are Dot Batisüed. We icll HHHBESMBBBm f-rent Makcf ad grades of SrwiDg Baehla at f8.50, S1O.0O. $11. Ort, MBQVif m mggt MaHmMt trj.OOand np, all fnll; dtitrlbtd In Oor Kr" Sfwior afhinr Catalorne, tfg8 I I rnllBI , , ' butsl5.5O forthl. DROP DESK CABINET BURDICK H D H kL MUS 5 5 S. isthogreateatvalueeverofferod by any houee. fll T ■ "m B9N I o." BEWARE OF I1VIITATIONS B.rV'S? M I ■ 1 flB) ?Il vertisments, offoring onknowa aathloes under variuua names, with m vv mï3L_ D 7 ▼ arioua indiicementt. Wrlt isme frienj In Chifaco and ïern who are 111 __jfl - - I' KKLUBLK AND WHO ARE NUT. Mi NW&ÏPrS ' ö DBFÏCTS OF ÜONÏ. MAWEBT THE BEST MAKER IN AMERICA, mj " -----■■paFIÍO]! THE BEST MATEKIAL M " EP Í5&55Í SOLID QUARTER SAWED PAK g5S6K PIANO POLIS HKD, one illustration shows machino closed, (headdropL m ping trom siprbt) to beused as aceoter table, lUnd or deik, tfae othvr HWHfl jg3a open with futí length tablo and head ia place for sewing, 4 fuer = M BfcgiH' dr&wrt latcst 1899 krletoo frame, earved, paneled, embossed and 'Z KolBFT"'' I B IgaBg i decoratid cabinet finish, finest nickel drawcr pulls, resta on 4 caa w35f (r I B lilH&ï" ters' ail bearliiff adjustabie treadle, genuine Smyth iron stand. a ra TV ■ I 50lfinil Füiest ltnse HJRh Arm hend, positiTe four motion ieed, self threadin vibrat m - ' f In UJ I MSh ÜLAfll inc shuttle, automntic bt)bbin winder, adjustabie bcarings, patent tensiou 5 '3 fll H TB PWB 1 liberator, improTed loose wheel, adjustabie presser foot, improved shuttle ?r"2JS kUI I AflHbfl carrier, patent needie bar, patent dressguard.head is handaomely deuorated = "■ fRlffl I (flK9 an ornarapntrd and beinlifully NICKEL TRIWIIVIED '-3-i ■fCl B W SSffSl CUARANTEED tho liehtelranninir, ■ostdurablca(iBeftrMtoltel.'(.Wa --S o3 Tril - - -rTBayM Bltde K"? koown ttaehroent iifaralshd nd oar Free Inetruction Eooktells ñ " Anl WKJvrvCvvut Jnst howanYonecan run it and doeither piain or any kind of fancy work. --X! MVáJffffÍ9v$99Smk A 2O-YEAES' BINDING GUARANTEE is sent with everv machine. PwwíííiW H T COSTS YOU NOTHING to sec and examine this machine, comparo it _ 1,-C J ii iuoio mu ravinirau wlth those your 8torekeepor sell3'at $40.00 'ïa.y to 60.00. aii'l theo if conrinced juu are ■t1bc C3&.00 t 40.00. p7r tWtgmt ct the $15.60, WK TO KKTIRS TOUR Í15.5O ir at inj time wlthla tbrt-c meatb jo ■ot ..lUO.J. 0KD1E TO da Y. dost DILAT. (Sears, Kocbuulc & Co. are tboroagbly reliablo- Editor.) Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.