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F. Huntoon On Cuba

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The letter f rom Fred Huntoon of Co. A, written from Placetas, Cuba, Mareh 30,. to Arthur L. Alexander, from which a brief extract was made yesterday, contains some interesting statements as to cuban life, and we make the following extracts: We are in a frying pan 12 out of 24 hours every day. Scorpions aud eentipedes and big hairy spiders as big as a silver dollar are plenty, but we don't notioe them. I have shaken several of tbem out of my blankets when making my bunk up nights. Their bitf is liad but is not always fatal. In addition big1 sand nies and mosquitoes combine to make life unbsarable, to-' gerh.'T with a generous amount of geuuiüe heat, 102 today. The fruit tastes fairly well but you must understaud- that it is now practically in its wild state. No care has been taken of it in years- since the war brokO out. At present the chances for a Yankee to make money m Cuba are poor. Nothing doing and nothing to do and the rainy season plays havoc witb him. He must go tbrough a big siege of Cuban fever. Then the dry season comes and he is roasted. He is either roasting or drowning all the time. No, I don't tbink any too much of Cuba. Later on it may amount to something. not now. I guess the day is not far distant when we will return to Ann Arbor in all our pomp and glory, after our triumphal tour of Chickamauga Park, Knoxville.etc, and thequestion is this: Wbere do the good people of Ann Arbor wish the "embahned beef" veter - aus of the Spanish war to line up to be finally disrnissed. Food for thought. I teil you Ales, somebody did ns dirt, good aud pleuty, iu giviug up our armory. Do you remember the promises they made us vvheu we left? We wil] no doubt present a queer appearance ou onr retara - suriburnt to a finish. Everybody carries a revolver or machete, dresses semi-CnbauEspauoli andiiot a few have pet parots, etc, and all talk pigeon Spanish bnt do oue eau nnderstand a word théy say. ' '■