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Wadhams, Ryan & Reule

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TrO Andwearewaitingtoshowyou 1 I IJ ! the greatest ideas in this Dressy w K and Convenient Qarment. C ( A TT We take h that you want a coat tUl 1 that ÍS ful1 Of 5TYLE' one in which the UNES are ARTISTIC and the rrV 11 T TAILORJNG unexceptional. 1 1Ít1.IL Try one of ours and notice hovv neatly the V Collar lies in place, how shapely the Lapels ï-f A are' hW finished in eveTy wa' the Garment [Y iS' Quite different from what you've been accustomed to seeing in Ready-Made f f li r These Coats are made to match Lilyl h themerchant Tailor's choicest productions and cost about half his price. 200-202 South flain Street.