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The Circuit Court

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The cirouit conrt was not iu session very long Tuesday morning and adjourned until 9 o'clock Wedn'Sday Daring the brief session it disposed of considerable business however. The first case was that of Hattie M. Boud against the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern. Tbis case has been tried ouce before and was appealed to the supreme court where the ciruuit court was reversed and the case sent back for retrial. It was continued ou application of the defendant and upon the usual terms. The case of Ida Gollnick vs. the oity of Ann Arbor, also went over. In the case of Ohristina Blum vs. Adelade Holderby no defeuse was offered and judgment was given the plaiutiff in the snm of $8.33. It appears that in 1896 Adelaide Holderby rented a house of the complainant and that she darnaged certain belongings. She did not keep up her rent and about a year later efi'orts were commenced to recover possession. The case was tried in the justice coart and a verdict rendered of no cause of action. It was appealed to the circuit court with the above result. The case of Johii R. Purdy vs. John and Win. Dolbe was settled out of court, the plaintiff being given $12.80 with costs of $15 taxed agaiust both defendants and their bondsman, Jacob Pray. This case was appealed from the justice conrt which reudered a judginent as above. In the case of Charles Duun au appeal from the decisión of the coniniiüsioners upon claims, disallowing his claim vs. the estáte of Isaac Duun; deceased a coutiuuance was taken.