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Don't Suit The People

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A uew mail scbedule wíll be put in forcé batween Geer and Ann Arbor on the first of next July and the patrous of the Creer office are not at all pleased with it. And -when the Ann Arbor merchants come to nnderstand it they will not like it either. At present the route starts from G-eer, the carrier returuing in the afternoon. Uuder the n-aw schedule the route starts trom Ann Arbor, the carrier returning from Geer iu the eveniug. The reasou for the fault found by the Geer patrons is largely that they have been accustomed to send in by the Geer carrier tor packages of inerchaudifie or of riding in with him to do scine trading and under the new arrangement they caunot come in without ítayiug over night and it compels theua to wait until the next day for their packages, all of which will more or less injure to the benefit of Ypsilanti merobauis. There is sornethiug of a story connected with the change of the schedule. A new coiitractor has the contract for carrying the mails at a ridiculously low price. The people aronud Geer are acquainted ith the work the carrier has to do and so he carne to Ann Arbor to get a carrier. But to do this the sehedule must be ehangea to start the route from Adu Arbor. To get the post office department to do this the consent of the postmasters at each end of the route must be obtained. Now the Geer post office recently changed hands and bas a postrnistress. She was naturally averse to signing any such recoiuinenrlation but the agent of the contractor told her that if she didu't sigu he would have the potinaster at Ann Arbor take up the Geer post Office as it wasn't paying any way. So in order to save the office she signed. These facts if laid before the departmpnt properly will undoubtedly lead to the schedule being changed back as al present.