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Caesai had hia Brutüs, Charles I his Cromwell aud Miithew Stanley Quay bis "red bcok. " Does ir mean poli ti■eal death? Gen. Gómez declares that present thonghts of au independent government in Cuba aro dreanis. And that's no dream. - Detroit Tribune. Novv thai tne legislatura is now tbrongh with most of its jnnketing and ooght to be able to do sorne business. Wby not tberefore flx soine time for adjonrnmeut and theu work to it? Germany has long been credited with the best pnblic school system in Europo, if not in the world. According to reent carefully compiled statistics, howver, there appears to be a radical and dangerons evil in the system. According t,o those statistics there were in Prnssia alone in 18!)(i, 410 suicides among the children of the [elementar? schools under 15 years of age. These suicides were traced directly to over vork, or inability of the children to toe-ar the stram of tbe conrse of study prcscribed for thnm. In most cases they were the children of the poorer lasses to whom a meat diet is unTiiiown. Their nourisbment was not -ufflcent to bear the rigor of the schoo liscpline. In addition to these cases oí suicide there were liundreda of cabes of physical and mental breakdown This is a fearful indictment of an edn cational system. Educatiou at such a cost is altogether too dear. The legisla ti ve junketers visited the Industrial Home for girls at Adrián Friday, the ways aud meaiis coin smitfree to examine iuto the needs o the institution in the way of appro jriations and the joint committe 011 the íiocae for tbe pnrpose of invesfcigatinf tumors of cruelty set afloat by ex mployees who have been discharged Apprarently there was fotiud 110 basis for tbe ramors. The Argns wonld have beeu greatly surprised if there had been any. It has kuown Mrs. Sickles, the saperintendeut for many .years, has seen her in public school work ana íhe handling of childreu of all ages from those of the primary classes öf the public schools to the more or Üess hardened girls of the industrial home. She is a capable, cultnred, kiudly. humane, womanly woman, Her work as principal of the Adrián íraíning school was thorougbly suc■cesBful as it has been at the head of the Industrial Home as is attested by iher iong service. Sb e is a strong exectnïve, kindly bnt firm. These iraits are a necessity in the trying pesition she holds. But that she is capable of forntality the Argus does not believc. "The report of the comrnissiouer of labor coutains some interesting iuformation relative to female employees in skilled aud domestic labor. The inífonuation was obtained tbrongh a ?painstaking canvass in 25 cities and villages of the state. He interviewed 3,204 wonit'H and girls whose average ge was 24 yers. Of all those interiewed 74 per cent claimed tobe Araer108.11, 10 per cent were married women and 6 per ent. widows. The 3,294 "■vorking women reported as having 4,249 to support, inclnding themselves average of1.36 to each worker, ï&2orilyor 4' per cent own their tovrn homes and but half of these were free from iucnmbrauce. Twenty-two and [a half per cent saved from their arnirgs and 61 per cent did not, the uthers ïailing to auswer the question. Thirty-seven and a half thought times }eíter thau a year agoand S22 thought hey were not. In Aun Arbor 18 were ■auvassed whose average age was 25 ; yeare. Of these 83 per cent were - imericans; 2 were marired and none owned their homes. They had bad average of 4 years at their work and ■heir wages averaged 1.05 per day. Tfoe 18 have 1!) to support iucluding o children. They were employed as ; lows: Bookkeepers 2 at. $1.81 per ■. saleswomen 4, at 91 cents per ritPuographers 4, at $1.22 per ■v; drefcsm akers 4, at 1.0fi per day; , iphone operators 4, at 72 cents per ■4ay. A most interestiug fact gleaned tram these statistics is that the average yes paid in A nu Arbor aro higher ninanyother city of the state -yhich was canvassed. Senator Ward 's bilí to raise the tax for the nniversity from a sixth to a fourth oL a mili has been made a special or for next Wednesday. The measuro would probably increase the university iucomo sufiioieutly to make it unuecessary for special appropriaticns. Anyway, in as much as the state has ernbarked npon the plan of supportiug the university by a mili tax, it sbould make this snfflcieutly liberal to snstain it in proper form. The in stitntion is ranch less expensive thaii otners of its class anyway, and there is no danger by increasing the rill tax to a fourth, that the instituiou will have too liberal a support. We have been wout in this country to set great store by the so-called selfmade man, to poiut with pride to the person of distinction who has "riseu f rom the ranks" or "paddled his owu cauoe" or "hoed his owu row," without the advantages of college traiuiug. That snefa people aio deserviug of great credit ia nnquestiouably true. Butin so f ar as this idea is htldup to the rising geiieratiou as iudicating that a college training is undesirable or not necessary, it is wrong. Other things being equal, the discipline of college life adds greatly to the chauces of success in life. This belief is rapidly growing in onr country to day and a larger pereen Cage of college bred men are to be found and are demanded iu every calling. Ia the earlier days ot our history, with the wonderful opportunities offered in erery line of endeavor, it was not so necessary. But now competition in every line is much keen er aud the man or woinan who brings to his chosen work a sharply disciplined and trained mind isprettv sure to out strip the oue who lacks that training. Again, the man or woman who spends several of the most impression. able ycars of his life under the broad, liberal, upliftiug inflneuces of college environment, is pretty sure to have them become a part of his character and to carry them into business aud professional life and thus elévate the tone of affairs generally. Leadership in tha time to come is pretty sure to te largely in the hands of college meu aud womeu.