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A New Kind of a Double Track

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It is natura] fhat. the citizt-us of Ami Arbór should be greatly intereated i'i the new projected electrio lines which are proposiug to come into this city. Iu order il' possible to clear up some doubts couceruiug a proposed liue tbrough Superior, a represeututive of the Argus visited Plymouth Saturday afternoon by vvay cf the uew electric liue f'rom Wayne. His purpose was to see certain geutlemen, who were said to be interested iu the proposed uew line from Detroit to Ami Arbor, who accordirig to a tip which had beeu giveu him were to meet iu Plymouth Saturday. Somewhat uufortuuately for hiin, the proposed meeting had been postponed and the gentlemen to be seen were not iu Plvmouth ou that day. Neverthelesa the trip of the Argus was uot iu vain. The new road from Wayue to Plymouth ruus a car every houraud a half, it takiug three quarters of au hour to make the trip one way. Whpu the car pulled in at Wayne, among a unmber of passengers who got off was a man of fiue preseuce well over sis feet tall with very broad shoulders and a beard which reached to his waist. He was au entire stranger to the Argus man but as he looked at the car for a raiuute with a sort of proprietary air, the Argua man had a premouitiou that this inight be one of the men he was lookiug for with whom he was not acquainted. So he accosted him and asked if he had jnst cocue from Plymouth. On his answer in the affirmative the dialogue continued as f ollows : "Can you teil me if Mr. George Waldo is in Plymouth this afternoou?" "No, he is not there. " "Is this Mr. Waldo?" "Yes." "I was just going out to see yon Mr. Waldo, bnt I can see you as well here, if you are not going back 011 the car. " "I am goiug back a short ways ou it and I can oiily give you a minute." "The people of Aun Arbor are ruuch interested in a projected road through the township of Superior to Ann Arbor. There are two ways in whiclj it is stated it will come. Can you give me anything about it?" "No, our plans are not ready to be given to the papers. I have ncthing to say. " "I understand that the people of Superior are greatly interested in the matter. The townsbip has no railway facilities. It is a fine township with good farmers, aad "il I want to know is wbether yon inteurt extending the line trom Plyinouth or wbether you are goiug through CKerry ffill." "Weïl, which ever way we come we will pass through the townhip of Superior. I have beeu talkiug with a farmer trom there about it, who is wnch iuterested in the project.'' ■'I had hoped to havo a chance to talk with yon that I nright interest yon iii the proposed liue from Aun Arbor to Saline. " "Why I had uuderstood that the Ann Arbor men had secured franchises for that line and ou throngh Tecnmseh to Adrián. " "Two citizens of Ypsilanti have franchises from that point to Adrián." "Well, of conrse, wc would prefer that the line como to Ann Arbor. Bnt 111 have to get off here. " The car stopped. ïhere were somc men waitiug to take Mr. Waldo with thein. so that the Argus lepreseutative saw no opportunity of contiuuiug the conversation even if he too left the car. Learniug that the other gen. flemen he wished to see were not in Plymonth, he took the return car back. He iuqnired of the conductor who Mr. Waldo was. ''Oh, he's the boss. " "De yon mean superintendent óf the road?" "No, he isu't superintendent.'' 'Whatishe." "I don 't know, except that he's a boss." "What does he doV" "He jollies the farmers and others. " Cudgeling his brain as to how he was to get his 'story, the Argus representativo saw au intelligent lookiug farmer get on the car, who had gone down on it aud stopped at a farm house, and whom he had seen Mr. Waldo "iollv," in Wayne. Cailiug the farmer by name (be had heard Mr. Wado use it.) he invited lrini to set down by liim and told him his name and missiou. He found he had struck a gold mine, which only the short ride preveuted froni yet greater developmeut. J No notes were taken of tne conversation. The answers to the queries were pat and to the point, developiug a familiarity with the subject and dovetailing into points ot vhich the reporter had previous Jjuowledge in such a way as to prove that the gentleman who was talking had considerable knowlecige of the subject. "There was no doubt," he said, "that a line would bc built through to Ann Arbor and it was being planned to build it next suinmer. You saw where this Plymouth line made a turn in the rnarsh a mile or so from Wayne? Well there is the point at which they branch off to Ann Arbor. That point is on a straight line east and west with Ann Arbor. It will go through Cherry Hill and the township of Superior. It is to be part of the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbcr system They are building feeders to the road all along the line. This Plymouth road, which is now beiug estended to Northville will be part of the system. The officials of the Aun Arbor road have been over it several times iuspecting it. It hasn't yet been accepted by them for it has not yet been ballasted enongh but it will be. Almost all these roads being projected are meant for feeders to the Ann Arbor road. There is one from Ypsilanti through Saline to Adrián. I understand the contract for this road has been let. Tha gentleman who were in the old motor line between Aun Arbor and Ypsilanti were anxious for it. Then there will be a line built frorn Wayne to Belleville. No, it won't stop there. It vill riot be extended to Ypsilanti either jut will strike ou farther east. This ine will be cornmenced iu June. "The new liue to Aun Arbor takes the place of a doublé track on the present ïoad. You kiiovv it ír inipossible :or them to build a doublé track as that would take up too much of the bighway aud their business ueeds it. The uew line will be mach shorter. It will save at least fonr miles from here to Anu Arbor. A ïnorning aud evening flyer will be pot on which will make but one stop in a township, and the line being so straight much time will be saved. Kight here you notice how this track makes a turn in tbia maish - well extend tbis line on straight east in the direction it is going before it makes tbis turn and it will go straight iuto Ann Arbor. Why did they bnild the line in this way if it were not to get this start for Aun Arbor aud prevent any other line using this road. If they only intended to reach Plymouth it was great folly to buikl the line through tbis morass where the road bed had to be inade, when a shorter and better road con ld have been taken from Wayue, wheu all tbis road bed making would have been saved. " As onr informant spoke, we were traveling throngh a big marsh, wbere the daik water was running on both sidea of the road bed of the electric line wbk-h had evidently been made at considerable expense. "Have they got the franchises. did you ask? They have for this township bnt they have not asked for the other towuships yet. There should be no trouble in getting them bowever. The i-oads bring np the values of the farms beside wbich they rnn. They have, howevei, made two surveya of the route. "Do you see that farm there? It contains 200 acres and the road runs on two sides of it. When the owner was asked if he had any objeotions to the electric line baildiug on his side of the road, he replied that he had not, that if they wanted to they could ent rigbt across his farm and he vould dónate the land. Since the road bas been built he has had two offers for the farm one from a large stock man and the other from a syudicate who wanted to cut it up iu iO and 20 acre lots. Before the road was built, it pould not have been sold at any price. That is what the electric lines are doing for the farms aloüg them. "Yes, this new line to Ann Arbor will parallel the present track of the Aun Arbor road, not exactly that, but it will not be inore thau four miles at any point from the present track and from that down to half a mile trom it. It will save both distanco and curves aud enaüle the liue to handle its business in better shape. You kuow that Dcarboru is on a straight line between Aun Arbor and Detroit, straight east and west, wbile Ypsilauti drops down severil miles south of this line. Wéll, instead of doublé trackiug, the road will simply make their second track a straight aud shorter line and also open a elightly different country."