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cw yV ''.' 0- __ -.- 'Cra Cut Hilv art. nul anti srml to uu wlth 1.110, and e musend jou thjH ÏW V1SïlCaaBLSÈ%LK&L .% '' ' 'iJBSI 9H-K0VKII ACMK CjlKK.N PAI1L0H ORGAN, Trelght C. O. V. , utljeet to rigg V_ -fff! xamination. You can examine it at yournearest freight depot, t AwwwvW l md if you flnd it exactly au repreaciitetl, equal to organs that i jlkíilJKHWttaMBdmlHHKffRVJ retail at $75.00 to l ).((), the greatest value you ever saw and 7THE il :ir botter thari organs aüvertised by others at mure moiioy. pny lï n VfËËÈÊKÊ&H Mtk n B hefreight agent ,„, lul :l iii,y.' offer nrlcc, $31.75, ■? UX ffiWI '''IPHHH fi-V .ss tht! 81.00, ur 30.75, and Ireight charges. SOB BSÍK B II1WBW $31,75 IS PUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE iSLf7& 1 1 fljf d oltiers. Huch un offer wa nevcr mude before. i ■■ ■ zI-,? tt ■L r ia JHB THE ACME QUEEN is Olie of the most Ul'KAHLK AM SWKKTKST ! B " Jgl '"VV ' Vj "JmannEira 'ONKU iDstramrafa eter mde. From the iüustration shown, whlch rJÜE? ÍSfc NiK" MlfESkCI. J sengraved direct frouiaphotograph.youcanformaomeideaof lts vfl t-J A -' flrEFM teautlful appearance. Made from i-itll.l quarlcr wmcd - -HFV1 ! 'f iffl blIlFili k, antique linibh,handsoaiely dccoratectiuidornameiued, jMMMBSi ' tent 1H!! tylc. tuk ACilt ukkn is o foet 6 inches high g ge=r-' ffTWyyjfiga1 2 inches long, S3 inches wide and weighs 360pounds. fSeg JNDd aíns 5 octaves, 11 stops, asfollows: Diapasón, Principal, Jb "- - _ LJH 'i) i Inician, Hclodla, Celeste, trrmnna, llís Conplcr, Treble yH ÍSüf? flll HHr 'oupler, Diapasón Forte and Vos Humana; 2 Oetnve Couplrrs, VBB '3F JS MfiU' ToneSirell, 1 iriml ürtan Scll, 4 Sel Orchaslral Tonoil kflmWrSSSISS !!F7tl tesonstorj l'lpc (uaMl.v lteeds, 1 Sel of 3J Pure Sect Mi-lortia fíSsSoíSSS fi7 flH WHIl li-fils, I Set of 17 (liarimnclyHrmUntColosto Reeds, 1 Sfl of FM ü-J-aLl'Mi SH}:E. 4 Blcli Mello gmoolh Blapason Reeds, 1 Set of 21 Pleaslng frS i I vBPLi4 oflJlelodloo Principal Reeds. THE ACMÉ OIEEJÍ f gL.=. ]■ lïSSii lonconslstof thecelebiatedSewell Keed,whiehareonly (■ ÜSlHBll' ' Jfl [jf sed in the highest grade instruments tltted with 'MWLWrBlHÍi=?===3 ■ inoiiil (unplrr and Y.ui Humana, alsO liest DolfrO felt, _JZjW(HlBB7ilWlfJ1 eathers, etc, bellows of the best rubber cloth,3-ply SR ÉSUfeaBtiMllInjHl c5i '.-Swi t' ' lellows stock and ftnest loather in valves. TUK BjWW, ilWWPJU ACME JL'EEN is furniahed with a 10x14 beveled Euá_Jfa IfVl 3 ilateï'rench tnirror, nickel plated pedal frames, MJHB rid every modern Improvement. We furnlsh free a t ïl HILBB o organ stool and the beslurganinstruetlon liook puMlshPd.1 JHH Haf ■11 )l iasuc a writton blndinc B5-year guamntce, ly the Fn H'JSE Bill terms and conditions of which if any part gives out n&t$JïJÊ!mr ÜJglB we repair it free of charge. Try it one month and . iHWP'BrasH BKSlWÊ VB Ml wo wiil refimd your moncyif you are not perfectly . ' tlC 1 MgM fit, satisfled. WOof tliese oiwms iviü hc sold at $81.15. ! f I f OrOST3" WtmWÍ 9rB OKIIEK AT ONCE. IM)N'Ï 1KLAY. II NSTOCTOnl BliSr PUR RELIABILITY IS ESTABLISHED a; ïsr- ge1! -Tlü''1 not dealt with us awk your neighbor about us,write -3B =: ':: ■' the publiaher of tliis paper or Metropolitan National , , „„„.. Banlc, or Corn Exohange Nat. Bank, Chicago ; or Germán Exchange Bank, New York or any railroad "'JSl!? conipany In ChicaRO. We have rai.iml of over ; 00,000. 00, ocviipy entirc one of the largest busmeas "0ffJj Chicago, and employ nearly 2.000 people in our own building. WK SKI,I. UKGANS AT 22.00 and npi I 'ASl08 ""- nd np also cverything in musi-al Instruments at lowust wholesale prices. Write for (reeepeola ""■'ilA'ir'1, and musical instrument catalogue. Address, (Snarn, Roebucl Co. r Ihoroughlr rellbl.- J SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.). Fulton, Desplaines nd Wayman Sts., CHICAGO,