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Little Bessie Housemau is quite ill bis week. Germán measeis have stxuck Milan n a light forin. Mrs. O. A. Kelly and Lelia speut 'uesday iu Detroit. Mrs. Lucy Clark made a business rip to Detroit Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Hack has returneel from two weeks' sojonrn in Chicago. Mrs. Prestou and Gladys returned ome from their Burr Oak visit. Mrs. Pyle is entertaininggnests from hicago and Ann Arbor this week. The Baptist Missonary Society met t Mrs. Geo. Minto's Satnrday afteroon. Mr. and Mrs. Nedham, of Connty t,are eutertainiug guests from Adriari his week Mr. aud Mrs. J. C. Ronse returned ome Friday from a, five weeks' visit vith friends in Lodi. Mr. aud Mrs. George Miuto aud sou eft for a visit with frieuds iu Uniou City Monday foreuoou. Bev. Mr. Lockhart, oí' Coruuua, Mieh., preaohed at the Baptist church uudny morniug and eveuing. Rev. Geo. E. Wilsou. of Clyde,Ohio, reached at the Presbyterian ohnrch 3nuday moruiug and eveuiug. W. H. Whitmarsh is improving his orne cu V. Main st, with a coat of aint. Edwards & Co. are haudliug he brushes. Dr. Herdmau, of Ann Arbor, was alled to Milan Sariday evening in conultation over Cbarlie Mesic who is eriously ill with spinal trouble. Mrs. Alice Trnssell is quite ill and nnabie to fill her place as teacher in the jrimary departrnent. Mr. Carrick is aching a few days in her place. Miss Florence Chapín returned home Tuesday inorning from her Ann Arbor visit accornpanied by her cousin Mrs. idith Bandall who will visit here for a few days. The informal reception given in louor of Eev. Geo. E. Wilson, of Clyde, Onio, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Debenham's, of E. Main st. , Saturday evening, was a social snccess. The reception hoars :rom 8 to 10 passsed all to soon. Conversations, repartee and an impromptu program in which Prof. Chas. Carrick and Mrs. Sinclaii favored the gnests with beantiful solos, and Miss Lelia Kelly and Cecü Gauntlett with fine instrumental selections. Rev. Mr. Wilson was then called npon for a speech and he responded in a happy manner thankina his host and hostess and the guets for thus honoring him with suoh a pleasant greeting and as the dial face anuouuced the hour of 10 the guests spoke their adieus. The evening will long be remeinbered by all participante as a pleasant social event. Those who assisted the host aud hostess ;o receive were Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Kelly, Prof and Mrs. Carrick, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Allen and Miss Carrick and Miss Averys.